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Warriors of LynxClan

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Warriors of LynxClan Empty Warriors of LynxClan

Post  Gladestar on 7/24/2018, 5:40 pm

Warriors of LynxClan PjzEyBi

Senior Warriors:
Sparrowflight: Sparrowflight is an elegant-looking she-cat with very long, mottled fur. She's a natural born leader, and questions everything she sees. Though kind-hearted, she has had very bad experiences with toms and doubts she will ever have a mate. She's fantastic and unpredictable in battle, as she has no real style, but rather picking and chosing random moves that might work, or might not. Mostly, they do. She thinks hunting is rather mundane, and loves to spice it up with a game or two. (She-Cat)
Midnightwhisker: Black and white tom. Midnightwhisker is very brave and outgoing, and stands up to other cats quite often. He thinks that one day he would be leader and will do his level best to make it happen. He respects the other cats though and is very serious about the warrior code. Parents are Icewhisker and Spottedlegs, Littermate to Swallowfeather. Mate to Wildear. (Tom)
Yellowpelt: Ruddy-colored tom with ginger and brown through his thick pelt. Yellowpelt is loyal and very trust-worthy. He has his boiling points at times, but manages to cool himself down before he can go snapping off at anyone that comes into sight. As mentioned, Yellowpelt is very trust-worthy. If he is told something he makes sure not to tell anyone, he isn't one to go blabbing his mouth to anyone that comes around. He knows when he has to be serious and definitely knows when it's time to stand up for himself. Yellowpelt is normally the patient type and it takes a lot to get him riled up. Mate to Wetoak. (Tom)
Littlerain: Tiny greyish cat with black patches, one of which almost looks like an oak leaf. Bright green eyes. Littlerain is actually quite a depressing tom. Usually, he would be outside, moping around. He isn't actually really sad about something. That's just the way he is. He is also anti-social. If anyone tries to come and talk to him, he will just either A) Make up a lame excuse, which this is the one he rarely uses. Or, the easiest, and the most used, B) Run away from them. Parents are Charredfeather and Eaglefeather. Littermate to Briarhawk, Lightfur, Silverdaisy, Volepoppy and Freshstorm. Mate to Rabbitkick. (Tom)
Lightfur: Fluffy reddish cat with a flash of white across his chest, one white paw and a white tail tip. Dark green eyes. Lightfur's personality is difficult to understand. He has many friends, almost all of them being inside LynxClan (of course) and has a very friendly personality within his clan. At gatherings, he tends to avoid the other clans as much as he possibly can, as he is a very shy cat when it comes to cats he doesn't know. Parents are Charredfeather and Eaglefeather. Littermate to Littlerain, Briarhawk, Silverdaisy, Volepoppy and Freshstorm. Mate to Brightflower. (Tom)
Freshstorm: Completely black cat, save for a few reddish patches along the base of his spine. These are faded and seem to have dull stripes across them. He has eyes that are somewhere between green and amber. Freshstorm is stubborn, difficult to handle. But that is only because he is generous, willing to give and share. He is quiet, though will speak if she feels like it. At times he cares what others think of him, but sometimes he doesn't - it depends on who it is. He likes some alone time once in a while and loves climbing trees. Parents are Charredfeather and Eaglefeather. Littermate to Littlerain, Lightfur, Silverdaisy, Volepoppy and Briarhawk.  Mate to Echoeye. (Tom)
Fernbelly: Pale gray she-cat. Absolutely fearless and vicious in battle. When back in camp, kind, friendly, and sweet to every cat within the clan. Mate to Fogstorm. (She-Cat)
Shellpelt: Dappled gray tom. Shellpelt has a mysterious personality. He lacks in communication at Gatherings, because he has grown to trust only his clanmates, and stays by their sides. Shellpelt is great fun to have around. Parents are Sandstep and Owlflower, Littermate to Mudheart, Otterfern, and Lilyface. Mate to Silverdaisy. (Tom)
Mudheart: Long-haired light brown tom. Mudheart is a very quiet, calm cat. He is always attentive, and almost never gets in trouble. He stands up for what he believes in, but never goes too far with it. He is shy and cautious, but can be very friendly and kind with other cats. Parents are Sandstep and Owlflower, Littermate to Shellpelt, Otterfern, and Lilyface. Mate to Volepoppy. (Tom)
Otterfern: White and pale ginger tom. Otterfern is very calm and cares for all the cats in his Clan. He would never want to see any cat die if he could help it. Parents are Sandstep and Owlflower, Littermate to Shellpelt, Mudheart, and Lilyface. Mate to Lichenfall. (Tom)

Lilyface: Gray tom. Lilyface is a very calm and quiet cat. He can be very fierce when his clanmates are in trouble, and in battle, expect no mercy from him. He likes to go out hunting by himself. Parents are Sandstep and Owlflower, Littermate to Shellpelt, Mudheart, and Otterfern. Mate to Hazeleye. (Tom)
Lightningfall: Lightningfall is a beautiful silver tabby with one white paw. She has round eyes, medium in size, and they are a beautiful, silky, light blue color. Lightningfall is always kind and gentle, and she would never lie, unless it was under certain circumstances. Otherwise, she is always loyal to her clan, and she's definitely friendly apposed to mean. Lightningfall may be shy at times, but she's mostly outgoing, and very, very patient. She likes to joke around and make other cats laugh, but she's also very smart. She will only disobey when she thinks she has to for the safety of her clan. Lightningfall rarely ever gets punished, but when she does, it always makes her feel down because her goal is to get in as little trouble as possible.  Mate to Stormclaw. (She-Cat)
Mistypool: Dark brown tabby tom. He is often incredibly flirtatious, leading various she-cats and sometimes even toms on as to his affections. He's a bit of a heart breaker, since he doesn't exactly know what he wants in life. What he does know is that he loves the attention, even if giving away his heart so freely is bound to get him in trouble. Mate to Icegorse. (Tom)
Tigerwhisker: Big dark brown tabby tom. Tigerwhisker is, to put it bluntly, a trouble-maker. He doesn't mean to cause it unnecessarily, but that is often exactly what he does, more often than not due to his over-confident (cocky, if you will) nature. This tom is absolutely fearless, often completely misjudging what is within his abilities and taking on something too big for him to handle. On top of this, he is incredibly prideful and if a cat even dares to injure said pride, he holds a long lasting grudge. However, on the flip side, he is fiercely loyal to those who befriend him and to his clan, family-oriented, and a self-proclaimed protector of his fellow siblings. Tigerwhisker wants nothing but to be the best warrior he can possibly be. Parents are Darkfang and Frozenclaw, Littermate to Halfear, Stumpykit, and Brownheart. Mate to Poppytail. (Tom)
Halfear: Big dark brown tabby tom. When described in one word, Halfear is leafy. He tops and turns in the wind, letting himself adapt to his nearest surroundings easily, and setting in with no complaints. Always in a light mood, Halfear can keep quiet and observe when he needs to, but can also become a great leader if he is encouraged. He doesn’t have a care of what others think of him, and the words “go with the flow” have never been placed into his mind on any occasion. He is, well, unique. Parents are Darkfang and Frozenclaw, Littermate to Tigerwhisker, Stumpykit, and Brownheart. Mate to Antfoot. (Tom)
Sagedaisy: Pale gray tom. Sagedaisy knows he's cute, but he's tired as being looked upon as cute - he wants to be seen as powerful, a force to be reckoned with - and yet, at the same time...he likes to be all smiles and lollipops and rainbows. His kind of anger is more 'pouty', I'm Not Getting My Way anger - though he will back himself up by fighting. Parents are Fogstorm and Fernbelly, Littermate to Echoeye, Petalsoot, Mintpaw, Creekpaw, and Lichenpaw. (Tom)
Mintflight: Gray tabby tom. He is usually happy, although he has a short temper. He likes to play a lot, but doesn't make friends easily. In other words, picky. Parents are Fogstorm and Fernbelly, Littermate to Echoeye, Petalsoot, Sagedaisy, Creekfall, and Lichenfall. (Tom)
Creekfall: Pale gray tom. he is a self spoken headstrong cat who aspires to do the best in life. He hates when others don't take him seriously. He has a sharp tongue and snaps at any cat who annoys the living daylights out of him. He may have a sharp side but his sweet side is just as large. Parents are Fogstorm and Fernbelly, Littermate to Echoeye, Petalsoot, Sagedaisy, Mintflight, and Lichenfall. (Tom)
Whitewing: White tom. Whitewing is just your dream tom, or that's at least what most she-cats think. He comes across as charming and always well groomed. He has a great sense of humor, and loves to crack jokes. Even better, he's also quite smart. He'll always find some way to wriggle out of dilemmas that he may find himself in. Parents are Stormclaw and Lightningfall, Littermate to Hazeleye and Icegorse. Mate to Grayfoot. (Tom)
Applestorm: Mottled brown tom. I am an excellent swimmer in water, I am a great climber, and a great hunter. Parents are Lynxstripe and Woodear, Littermate to Whiskerclaw, Antfoot, Sedgefur, Hollowonion, and Rushclaw. (Tom)
Whiskerclaw: Light brown tom. I am restless and cannot stand or sit still,  but I am a very good judge of character. Parents are Lynxstripe and Woodear, Littermate to Applestorm, Antfoot, Sedgefur, Hollowonion, and Rushclaw. (Tom)
Sedgefur: Light brown tabby tom. I am always blabbing and cannot keep a secret,  but I am never afraid to say what I feel when I have to. Parents are Lynxstripe and Woodear, Littermate to Applestorm, Whiskerclaw, Antfoot, Hollowonion, and Rushclaw. (Tom)
Rushclaw: Light brown tabby she-cat. I am always worrying about anything and everything,  but I learn very quickly from my mistakes. Parents are Lynxstripe and Woodear, Littermate to Applestorm, Whiskerclaw, Antfoot, Sedgefur, and Hollowonion. (She-Cat)
Featheronion: Long-haired gray tabby with a very long tail, covered in an extremely large amount of fur. Ready to fight anyone and anything, even if he is a bit clumsy. He is ready for everything, even if it is a false alarm. (Tom)
Walnutclaw: Cinnamon-brown tom. Walnutclaw is a kind-hearted soul with the care always to help those in need before him. Even though he is a bit disoriented in not believing the warrior code, he likes to spend his time out for strolls across the forest alone hoping to catch prey for his clan. Well actually he’s always half-tempted to eat it himself but he knows it’s wrong after he had done it before. This cat is quite quick on his feet and loves to race the other apprentices in more ways than one. Parents are Ferntail and Grayfoot, Littermate to Buttercupfall, Woodpaw, Jasminepaw, and Forestpaw. (Tom)
Darkstripe: Sleek black and gray tabby she-cat. Darkstripe is an agile cat, capable of scaling trees with ease. She finds herself normally secluded somewhere in the camp, or, if the time may be, in the territory. She is very calm and patient, although if she is tempted, she will go after what she wants without question. She has few friends, and she almost never even talks to them. Parents are Bouldertail and Graystorm. Mate to Scarfoot. (She-Cat)
Wrenpatch: Small, white she-cat with dark brown patches one her back, tail, and head, and pale green eyes. Wrenpatch is a young and adventurous warrior. She is cheerful and kind, and she tries to help out as much as she can, though sometimes she can be a bit annoying. (She-Cat)
Buttercupfall: Cream tabby she-cat. She's a laid-back cat for sure. Nothing more, nothing less. On the inside of her, though, she imagines she is a daring daredevil, wild explorer, etc. Oh yes -- Buttercupfall is a dreamer all right. Parents are Ferntail and Grayfoot, Littermate to Walnutclaw, Woodpelt, Jasminecloud, and Forestwater. (She-Cat)
Woodpelt: Red tabby tom. Woodpelt is upbeat and happy. All the time. He loves to make others happy, especially ones like him, or have something wrong with them. Parents are Ferntail and Grayfoot, Littermate to Walnutclaw, Buttercupfall, Jasminecloud, and Forestwater. (Tom)
Jasminecloud: White she-cat. This she-cat is an open book, and any cat can just walk right up to her and ask her what's up. She likes to talk about how she feels to other cats, because she is a kind and caring she-cat. Most certainly not shy around others, she is rather quiet. Even though she likes to talk, she isn't a chatterbox, and knows when others don't like to talk to her about something. No matter how open she is with other cats, they are not always open to her. Her honest nature is pleasing to the authority figures in her life, but she knows when to keep a secret when need be. Parents are Ferntail and Grayfoot, Littermate to Walnutclaw, Buttercupfall, Woodpelt, and Forestwater. (She-Cat)
Forestwater: Blue-gray and white tom. Forestwater is kind and good tempered and will do anything to help his clan. He does the best he can to listen and help over cats sort out arguments. His patience helps to keep peace in his clan. Parents are Ferntail and Grayfoot, Littermate to Walnutclaw, Buttercupfall, Woodpelt, and Jasminecloud. (Tom)
Sunsetmuzzle: Orange tom. Sunsetmuzzle is kind of short-tempered when cats tend to not get what he's saying. He gets deeply offended when someone insults him, but loses his anger after a while. He is brash sometimes, but he is overall loyal to his clan and would fight for it with his life. He is very caring and helpful when it is a good day, although he can be very sarcastic. Sunsetmuzzle isn’t the very arrogant type, although if he did do something great, he expects to get credit from it. He also doesn't really show much emotion, but his eyes betray what he's feeling sometimes, and he is very witty. He also likes to run his claws through his fur when he is impatient, frustrated, or bored. Parents are Scarfoot and Darkstripe. (Tom)
Nettleswim: Gray tom. He is fiercely loyal and will protect those he cares about with his life. (Tom)
Firewing: Ginger tom. He's blunt. (Tom)
Birchstripe: Light brown tabby tom. Courageous, honest, excitable, empathetic, proud, impulsive, staunch, and self-sacrifical. (Tom)
Glowclaw: Brown and white tabby she-cat. Legs, underbelly, and muzzle are white, the rest of her coat is a light tabby brown. The top of her head is heavily striped with black, that runs down her back. Her tail-tip is black, and her eyes are light brown. Glowclaw is very active. She obeys orders without question and doesn't possess much wisdom. She survives on down to earth logic. However, she is rather loving and caring of her family and friends. Parents are Adderstar and Cloverstorm, Littermate to Viperfur and Acornfire. Mate to Sandleaf. (She-Cat)
Acornfire: Fluffy calico she-cat with white forepaws, chest, and muzzle. Her face is masked in black and her fluffy collar is pale ginger. Acornfire is a loyal cat, though she's more loyal to her hormones. She's very flirtatious, I mean, seriously who can pay attention during a meeting if a handsome tom is around. She gets easily distracted, by anything, but mostly toms. Though she still is a loyal member to her clan, and after all family is what matters most. Parents are Adderstar and Cloverstorm, Littermate to Viperfur and Glowclaw. Mate to Gladestar. (She-Cat)
Blueflight: Blue-gray she-cat. Single, uninterested and doesn't understand romantic concepts. (She-Cat)

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