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Apprentices of LynxClan

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Apprentices of LynxClan Empty Apprentices of LynxClan

Post  Gladestar on 7/24/2018, 5:39 pm

Apprentices of LynxClan PjzEyBi

Bluepaw: Blue-gray she-cat. Single, uninterested and doesn't understand romantic concepts. Mentor is Sparrowflight. (She-Cat)
Firepaw: Ginger tom. Dedicated, strong-willed, direct and honest, loyal, patient and reliable, enjoy creating order, excellent organizer. Mentor is Midnightwhisker. (Tom)
Tallpaw: Long-legged light brown tabby tom. Tallpaw is very smart, and will gain intelligence as he becomes older. Parents are Sandleaf and Glowclaw, Littermate to Screechpaw and Shypaw. Mentor is Sedgefur. (Tom)
Screechpaw: Black tom. Screechpaw is kind and shy, always trying to avoid words; When he tries to speak-up and usually chickens out. Screechpaw has always been one who looks on the bright side of things and tries to find the light in the darkness. He tries to bring happiness into sad situations by helping others and being even more kind than usual which is a lot to say. This tom is always sticking up for his friends though he actually seems to have none. Screechpaw is never put down for long, always keeping on if possible. He tries her hardest to teach others who aren't so kind to change their ways and be sweet like him. Parents are Sandleaf and Glowclaw, Littermate to Tallpaw and Shypaw. Mentor is Yellowpelt. (Tom)
Shypaw: Dusty brown tom. Shypaw's personality can be described as cheerful; nothing more, as  he is always trying to be positive- never doubting one of an innocent soul. He can get peeved on a daily basis, but tries to be as happy as he possibly can. Parents are Sandleaf and Glowclaw, Littermate to Tallpaw and Screechpaw. Mentor is Rushclaw. (Tom)

Apprentices of LynxClan KGoZET6

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