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Elders of LynxClan

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Elders of LynxClan Empty Elders of LynxClan

Post  Gladestar on 7/24/2018, 5:32 pm

Elders of LynxClan PjzEyBi

Frostfeather: Sleek gray she-cat. Frostfeather is a calm and likeable cat, and she has a lot of friends in his clan. When she gets mad, she gets extremely mad, but she has a long temper, and is usually very forgiving, so most cats don't hold any grudges against her. (She-Cat)
Dappletail: Cream and white she-cat. Hard-core and loving, she is a she-cat that everyone either hates or loves. (She-Cat)
Speckleclaw: Brown she-cat with yellow eyes. She is very kind to her friends and family, and she will challenge just about anything that she sees as a threat to them. It takes awhile for her to warm up to another cat, and she is very shy in the beginning. But once you get to know her and she starts to trust you, Speckleclaw will be very nice. (She-Cat)
Wolfpelt: White and brown tabby pointed tom. He is kind, loves kits and is very strong willed. (Tom)
Stormstep: Large grey long haired Tabby with deep blue eyes. Stormstep is a quiet brooding cat. Ever since Briarstar's death, he's been alone inside his head. He used to share his thoughts, but now he's almost a shell of the cat he was. Feels alot older then he is. But he tries to do good for the clan, for Briarstar. Wishes he had more faith in starclan. Wants to see Eaglepaw and Emberpaw become strong warriors. (Tom)
Snowstorm: Calico tom with a bobbed tail. Snowstorm is polite and caring, yet he is quit stubborn and likes to do what he wants. (Tom)
Sandstep: Golden brown tabby tom. Sandstep is a gruff cat. Though kind, he will not lie to make a cat feel better, and he never picks favorites. He has a harsh manner of speaking, but in all honesty, he means well, and all the cats in LynxClan know it. Mate to Owlflower. (Tom)
Darkfang: Dark brown tabby tom. Darkfang does not get over things easily. Small instances can have huge effects on his life, that he will not forget or let go of ever. Mate to Frozenclaw. (Tom)
Fogstorm: Pale gray tom. Fogstorm is one of the friendliest cats you could ever meet, he would never go against the warrior code though and betray his clan. He would protect the clan with his life and always think of them first. If you mess with him when he is in a bad mood, he likes to swing at ears. Mate to Fernbelly. (Tom)
Jaytail: Blue-gray and white tom. Jaytail is an easy-going sort of tom who loves a good laugh. He's got a good sense of humor and can normally appreciate the joke, even if it's on him. He's a very relaxed and accepting cat, not minding where you come from as long as you're loyal now. Although he's a little hard to wake up in the mornings, Jaytail is an active sort of cat who works hard. His loyalty runs deeper than the mountain's river and he would lay down his life for his Clan and those he cares for without hesitiation. He doesn't care to dwell on the past, or past mistakes, and thinks you should always look forwards. Jaytail, as you may have guessed, is an optimist. (Tom)
Ferntail: Snowy white tom. He is a fiery cat with a good sense of humor. He is a bit shy and easily agitated, but has a loving nature through and through. Parent is Whiskerstorm, Littermate to Jaytail and Tigerfang. (Tom)

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