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Leaders of MistClan

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Leaders of MistClan Empty Leaders of MistClan

Post  Gingerstar on 6/28/2018, 9:19 pm

Leaders of MistClan V66zBVE

Gingerstar: White she-cat. Gingerstar is very fun-loving. She loves to hunt. She is quite mischievous. She loves kits and is very kind. Lives Left: 9. (She-Cat)

Bristlestripe: Dark brown and white tom. To start off, Bristlestripe is generally kind and gentle tom. He cares for the ones he loves and his clan as well. He goes to the limits to try and make everyone he knows happy, which sometimes tires him out, but he's willing to do everything in his power to make everything right with the ones he loves. Parents are Milkstar and Reedcloud, Littermate to Toadflower, Blackfeather, Oceanwing, Rabbitswoop, and Dappleflight. Mate to Jaguarheart. (Tom)

Medicine Cats:
Crystalsong: Black tabby tom. Holds grudges for a while. Parents are Kinkheart and Jadestorm, Littermate to Jackdawkit, Meteorpaw, Aspenpaw, Streampaw, and Dewpaw. (Tom)

Leaders of MistClan EQsr4Fh

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