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Elders of MistClan

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Elders of MistClan Empty Elders of MistClan

Post  Gingerstar on 6/28/2018, 9:16 pm

Elders of MistClan V66zBVE

Specklefur: Long-haired light brown she-cat. Overly friendly. Loyal and devoted to the clan. She does what she can to protect everyone who lives within the territory. Anyone outside, she'll rip to shreds. (She-Cat)
Dewbelly: Dark brown tom. He is very flirty and kind.  He loves to pull pranks on other cats.  He can lose his better judgement arround a she-cat he likes.  Dewbelly is very open and out-there with what he says.  He is unpredictable. (Tom)
Dappleheart: Grayish brown tabby she-cat. Dappleheart is stubborn and prickly. She is only nice to certain cats. She is a great hunter and an amazing runner. She prefers birds to rabbits and will never EVER eat a frog , even if her life depended on it. Parents are Whitestar and Gingerclaw, Littermate to Tinyfur, Milkstar, Midnightpaw, and Duskflight. (She-Cat)
Midnightheart: Mottled gray and brown she-cat.  Independent and Hard-working. Very sassy and spunky. Never give up attitude. Actions speak louder then words. Doesn't think before she does. (She-Cat)
Lemontail: Tan she-cat. Lemontail is a cat that is quiet. She is usually reserved, being observant of her surroundings. Lemontail is a sort of loner, having a low amount of friends. Lemontail is a nature loving cat. She dreams things and believes in them so much that she thinks they're real. She gets lost in thought sometimes, staring into space. Mate to Moonclaw. (She-Cat)
Emberstream: Slender silver she-cat. Emberstream keeps to herself most of the time. She's tired, but will always go for a good fight. Although she can be grouchy, she has a soft spot for injured cats and kits. (She-Cat)
Bloodshade: Brown she-cat. Blooshade has many factors to her inside personality that lies beneath her 'shell'. This shell is thick and isn't easy to break through. The only ones who truly know her are those who she trusts with her life. Parents are Wetfrost and Dewstripe, Littermate to Brambleripple, Mothpelt, Rainash, and Heatherfoot. (She-Cat)

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