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Elders of AirClan

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Elders of AirClan Empty Elders of AirClan

Post  Rubystar on 5/29/2018, 12:16 pm

Elders of AirClan YNl5YU5

Sagetail: Dark brown tabby tom. Sagetail is cheeky and frisky, but still {moderately} respectful. (Tom)
Leafear: Gray tom. Leafear is very calm, even at the wildest of times. He never seems to appear stressed, though he may be inside. (Tom)
Silverpelt: Black and white tom. Silverpelt is very adventurous and curious, but, he always watches out for things around him. He is very loyal to his clan and wouldn't hurt anyone in AirClan. He is very caring to the clan, and would do anything to protect it. He doesn't mind being dirty, unless at a ceremony. (Tom)
Lilyeye: Pale gray she-cat. If they know her well, other cats would say Lilyeye is a bubbly she-cat who they enjoy hanging around. (She-Cat)
Fishstorm: Big white tom.  Fishstorm is the kind of cat other cats like to hang out with. Competitive, with a great sense of humor. Loves a good joke, and lives for a good prank. (Tom)

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