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Post  Soulstar on 3/18/2018, 11:18 am

Apprentices of SoulClan HrDSDxW

Cloudpaw: Dark brown tom. Intelligent and with the overwhelming desire to help, he is a curious cat. Mentor is Chivestorm. (Tom)
Emberpaw: White she-cat. Emberpaw is gentle hearted and very caring. She will do most anything to protect her Clan, especially kits and those she cares deeply about. She’s very motherly, and very defensive of kits. She can be snarky at times and suspicious of outsiders, but overall she means well. Mentor is Cedartail. (She-Cat)
Alderpaw: Dark ginger she-cat. She is extremely shy and hates being put on the spot or getting praise. Parent is Magnoliaflower, Littermate to Cherrypaw. Mentor is Bluefur. (She-Cat)
Cherrypaw: Ginger she-cat. She is naturally anxious. always shuffling her paws and trying to remain still. She often zones out and gets distracted easily. She is fearful of nearly everything. always hiding behind her family or clanmates. She is timid, and this shows in how she approaches things and always finds her paws when talking. She tends stay silent unless spoken to or she has to say something. Parent is Magnoliaflower, Littermate to Alderpaw. Mentor is Magnoliabramble. (She-Cat)

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