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Elders of BirchPack

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Elders of BirchPack Empty Elders of BirchPack

Post  Birchstar on 3/11/2018, 3:22 pm

Elders of BirchPack XNSC6Q4

Driftflower: Fawn and white pit bull she-dog. Analytical, reserved, smart, alert, confident, genuine, graceful, ambitious. (She-Dog)
Softfur: Black and white pit bull she-dog. Dominating, glamorous, formal, neutral, proud. (She-Dog)
Astertail: Fawn and white pit bull she-dog. Narcissistic, selfish, arrogant, cold, critical, deceitful, strong-willed, cunning. (She-Dog)
Valleytail: Tan and black shepherd she-dog. Generally reserved but can be seen making an effort around BirchPack -- Private about most aspects of her life, a factor she's trying to change -- Can be stern when she sees a situation turning south. (She-Dog)
Snoweye: Brown pit bull she-dog. Polite -- curious -- calm -- Will try to help however she can -- keeps to her word -- noticably protective of her packmates and will not react kindly to insults, even if joking. (She-Dog)
Scorchedtail: Red and white pit bull dog. Will start fights. (Dog)

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