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Leaders of SoulClan

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Leaders of SoulClan Empty Leaders of SoulClan

Post  Soulstar on 3/10/2018, 3:32 pm

Leaders of SoulClan Mpl0OQf

Soulstar: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Soulstar is an arrogant cat who takes all the credit for herself. If someone else defends her, she brags about what she would've done, not even giving the other cat a single bit of credit. Originally a member of FrostClan, she chose to strike out on her own and form her own "clan" which has helped to populate by former rogues. (She-Cat)

Thistlepelt: Dark brown tabby tom. Might attack without reason. Mate to Dawnfur. (Tom)

Medicine Cat(s):
Hailcloud: Short-tailed brown tom. Grumpy, sarcastic, rude, defensive, wants to fit in, tough exterior, actually cares lot but pretends he doesn't. (Tom)

Leaders of SoulClan ZoJdVG3

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