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Leaders of ThornPride

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Leaders of ThornPride Empty Leaders of ThornPride

Post  Dogstar on 3/2/2018, 12:36 am

Leaders of ThornPride 25nfvO8

Dogstar: Bright golden female leopard. Dogstar is a very over-excited leopard. She tends to enjoy life and what StarPride has come to give her pride. She is quite adventureous, knowing she loves to explore the forest and breathe in it's scents. She follows her friends to make mischief, always feeling free. She also is a very loyal leopard to her family and friends. Dogpelt is very swift and outgoing, never turning down a fight but has a very kind nature. Parents are Thornstar and Ivyfrost, Littermate to Dustypaw, Clovefur, and Opalsand. Lives Left: 1. (Female)

Falconclaw: Small male snow leopard. Falconclaw is gentle and sweet, but has a sharp tongue and short temper. He tries to be empathetic so he can better understand other leopards, and though he is a little flirtatious, he sticks to his duty. Parents are Thornstar and Wolfcloud, Littermate to Fawnfang and Ripplenose. (Male)

Medicine Leopard:
Ashflower: Golden female leopard. Ashflower's slim build prevents her from taking much punishment, making it her downfall in combat. She also is terrible at fishing, and couldn't do so to save her life. Ashflower also doesn't have too much stamina, further dampening her use in combat. Parents are Hailstar and Midnightcloud, Littermate to Windpelt, Archpaw, Finchpaw, and Shinepaw. (Female)

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