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Leaders of BirchPack

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Leaders of BirchPack Empty Leaders of BirchPack

Post  Birchstar on 2/12/2018, 4:55 pm

Leaders of BirchPack XNSC6Q4

Birchstar: Light brown pit bull dog.  INTELLIGENT | AMICABLE | ACUTE | ACCEPTIVE. Mate to Ripeye. Lives Left: 5. (Dog)

Birdfang: Black chihuahua dog. Will end fights. Mate to Silverdawn. (Dog)

Medicine Dog(s):
Palefeather: Dark brown pit bull dog. Salty, merciless, impatient. (Dog)
Bonewhisker: Black and white pit bull dog. MBTI TYPE. Mentor is Palefeather. (Dog)

Leaders of BirchPack CUE6qgp
StarClan: Birchflower
BirchPack: Birchstar

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