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Elders of IceClan

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Elders of IceClan Empty Elders of IceClan

Post  Opalstar on 2/3/2018, 3:46 pm

Elders of IceClan WQJOidT

Crystalstorm: White she-cat. Patient, kind, but also can be ruthless if the need arises. Most always she is like an angel she is the one to talk sense into the group if there is misdirection and doubt. She is well known as being one of the best jumpers in the clan, always trying to reach the stars. A decent fighter she would rather outwit her opponents and cunningly use their weaknesses against them. Sometimes has odd dreams about the sky that have to do with the stars moving or creating shapes. Became an elder not long after she was made into a warrior after being blinded. (She-Cat)
Eveningface: A short-tailed brown she-cat.  Eveningface is somewhat of a strange she-cat. One minute she will be depressive, but the next a hyper and giddy she-cat. She has a very short temper and complains alot. Many of her intentions are kind-hearted and she means well but they turn out badly. She had mildly good patience and fierce determination and loyalty to what she believe in or strives to finish. (She-Cat)
Eveningear: Black tabby tom. His first instinct is to fight, but if there is no danger he is okay at sheathing his claws and talking. Once you get to know him, he is caring--but doesn't show it--and has a great sense of humor. His only problem is he has nobody close, and so no cat knows about his good side. Everyone's first instinct is to back up and stay away, seeing his fierce eyes and claws. Eveningear is also pretty sneaky, and likes to go places where most cats would not dare to go. His black pelt helps him stay out of sight. (Tom)
Patchflower: Small black and white she-cat. Patchflower wears her heart on her sleeve; when she's happy, she's talkative and cracks jokes. When she's upset, she's quiet and guarded. Naive on most things, she doesn't always understand why someone would break the warrior code, or why anyone would need to fight. Parents are Icestar and Lightningfoot, Littermate to Swiftlily, Tallfang, and Mistynose. (She-Cat)
Silverpool: Light brown tabby she-cat. Silverpool is prepared to protect her clan at all costs!  No matter the danger, she will leap into battle and risk her life to protect the whole of IceClan, from the tiniest kit to the strongest warrior to the eldest elder.  She is, though, calm and peaceful and easy to make friends with unless the other cat threatens her clan. (She-Cat)
Fogfur: Handsome golden tabby with white toes and a small white patch on chest. Mostly short-furred, but has longer fur on legs, neck, face, and tail. His eyes are lime green with small flecks of yellow. He is very long-legged and slender with an unusually long tail. His nose and pawpads are a light pink, and there is a small nick in his right ear. Very mild-mannered (and slightly anti-social), Fogfur is usually calm unless someone insults/threatens himself or those he cares about. He is very acute to the feelings of other cats and often tries to give them advice when they need it, but he can be very blunt and prone to accidentally hurting others' feelings by telling the plain truth. His sense of humor could use a little work, but he can tell whether someone is being serious or just playing around. He puts great pride and effort into his clan duties but often bites off more than he can chew. Under great stress, Fogfur becomes cranky and erratic, and often snaps at his clanmates. He is very logical and always tries to find the easiest way to accomplish a task with the best results possible. He is wary of change, preferring to stick with the routines he knows well; he is also very spiritual and often looks to StarClan for help when times are tough. Mate to Cinderpool. (Tom)
Thorndaisy: Golden brown tabby tom. Thorndaisy is a calm, even-tempered cat that hardly ever gets angered, but when he does get angry it isn't for very long.  He is a very good hunter, and his fighting skills are about even with his hunting skills.  Thorndaisy will sometimes spring into things quickly because they sound good at the moment and he doesn't bother to plan out his motives long term.  He is easy to get along with and he likes to let other cats make the decisions when he's around them. Parents are Icestar and Lightningflower, Littermate to Graykit, Cinderfall, Dustwhisker, and Ashfrost. (Tom)
Brackenheart: Golden brown tabby she-cat. Brackenheart is a very good cat, especially when it comes to her clan or the warrior code. But, one tiny problem, is that she always sneaks off to adventure without telling anyone. Other than that, she is always loyal to her clan and friendly to every cat, even if they're from a different clan. Parents are Rainstar and Forestface, Littermate to Thornfoot, Mudowl, and Leopardstripe. Mate to Larkstar. (She-Cat)
Leopardpeak: Unusually spotted golden she-cat. Leopardpeak's mood is always changing. One moment she might be shy, the next brave. She can angered quite easily, witch is why her moods are always changing. She does often get over worked up over many things. Her mood is peaceful and she would never start a fight, but can easily become a part of one. Leopardpeak would always be kind to any cat in need. Parents are Larkstar and Brackenheart, Littermate to Moleleg and Scartail. (She-Cat)

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