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Warriors of LionClan

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Warriors of LionClan Empty Warriors of LionClan

Post  Rowanstar on 2/1/2018, 1:12 pm

Warriors of LionClan XBAPMwp

Senior Warriors:
Rainpath: Dark gray tom with blue eyes. Rainpath has never said a word since he was born. Not one sound. Not one word. Only his mother protests he isn't mute and not does she have a time doing any convincing, she doesn't really believe it herself. "A daydreamer" is a kinder comment towards him, and it is true. Whether what he sees is nothing, nothing important, or indeed something important, only Rainpath knows. And he won't tell. Yet, he doesn't give off a depressed or trouble air, and he isn't. Though most other cats don't believe this "air", and think he has more than a few problems. But one thing is also believed, that he cares for his family. Whether it's just spending all of his time near them, or giving a random lick on the nose or ear, it's apparent he knows and loves his family. Parents are Hawkstar and Scarstripe. Mate to Roseleaf. (Tom)
Blueclaw: A semi-fluffy cream-white cat with black points and extremely bright blue eyes. This is a cat not to be underestimated in battle, Blueclaw knows many tricks on how to get his enemy down. He may look soft, but there are hard muscles underneath his pelt from many moons of training. His thick pelt also protects him partially from blows and allows him to stay out longer when it's cold. Mate to Graycloud. (Tom)
Halfstep: Big dark brown tabby tom. Halfstep wants to be known as a tough LionClan warrior, that all the clans talk about for decades after his ddeath. But he just can't bring himself to take a life. Parents are Swiftfoot and Brightfur, Littermate to Patchpelt, Dapplefur, Brokenshadow, and Dustflower. Mate to Blackcloud. (Tom)
Patchpelt: Small black and white tom. He's a shy fella. Not afraid to speak up though. Parents are Swiftfoot and Brightfur, Littermate to Halfstep, dustflower, Dapplefur, and Brokenshadow. Mate to Ashtail. (Tom)
Talonstorm: Brown tabby tom. Quite bitter and rude, this always has a comeback. Very sharp-tongued and territorial. Parents are Mousepelt and Bloodclaw, Littermate to Onestrike, Heavystep, and Volefur. Mate to Suntail. (Tom)
Volefur: Brown tabby tom. He is a goal-oriented being and, upon wanting something will go to outrageously desperate measures to obtain it. Parents are Mousepelt and Bloodclaw, Littermate to Talonstorm, Heavystep, and Onestrike. Mate to Rosecloud. (Tom)
Dustflower: Light brown tabby she-cat. She is sarcastic, but loves to joke with her close friends in that sarcastic jokey way. She is easy to anger when it comes to her friends and/or clan, but when it comes to herself she'll just ignore the cat who would anger her. Holds grudges when she knows someone has been wronged. Mate to Frostfoot. (She-Cat)
Whitefoot: A sleek white she-cat with such pale blue eyes, they almost match her pelt. Whitefoot loves her family and clan, as a young cat, she wanted nothing more than to have her own kits and mate, which she has now achieved. This she-cat has a knack for finding royalty, in a sense, as her father was a former leader of LionClan and her mate is the current one. Mate to Willowstar. (She-Cat)
Wildstorm: Sleek black she-cat with hidden spots on her pelt. Wildstorm is shy, preferring not to participate in battles if she can avoid it. Debating training as a medicine cat, but decided she would prefer to have a mate instead someday. Mate to Skydapple. (She-Cat)
Thrushfeather: Pale tabby tom with dark black stripes. This is a very shy, subdued cat. He doesn't open up easily, tending to bottle up his emotions and keep his insides where he believes they belong--inside! He just doesn't feel safe pouring himself out into other cats, even those he's known and loved all his life. There's something unsettling about it to him. Mate to Tigerfoot. (Tom)
Rainheart: Rainheart has a very striking orange tabby pelt. His legs, chest, underbelly, and face are white, and his eyes are bright green. He has a good sense of right and wrong, and lives to make others laugh and smile. He hates when his clanmates are upset, and finds it to be his personal duty to make them feel better. He always seems to know what to say at the right times. Parents are Rockpath and Emberstorm. (Tom)
Shadowstep: Very skinny, brown pelt with lighter underbelly, olive green eyes. A nick in one ear, a dark scar across his right eye that leads down to his throat. A paranoid cat, skinny and can smell and hear very well. He has been in many battles, and can be dangerous, but rarely. He doesn't like being stalked. He is shifty, and keeps to himself, unless you get on his good side. (Tom)
Cherrypelt: Snow bengal tom. A calm and gentle tom. He loves kits and can panic when he’s afraid. Mate to Dawnflower. (Tom)
Lionfur: White and black tom. Innocent is not a word that can describe Lionfur. He loves to slack off, get into trouble, and in general irritate other cats. The world is his playground. Parents are Skydapple and Wildstorm, Littermate to Volepaw, Bronzeheart, Bearstripe, Sunleopard, and Lavenderpelt. Mate to Rowanwhisker. (Tom)
Bronzeheart: Thick-pelted black and ginger tom. Bronzeheart bonds strongly with those who keep at him (nag him) and who help him to do the right thing when he's struggling with basic concepts, including concepts of "right" and "wrong" as they pertain to clan politics. While he doesn't always do the right thing, he does try very hard to make everybody happy, all the time, and can be easily hurt if he feels as though he's being scolded or corrected. Parents are Skydapple and Wildstorm, Littermate to Lionfur, Volepaw, Bearstripe, Sunleopard, and Lavenderpelt. Mate to Mothfur. (Tom)
Featherpool: Short furred silver and cream tabby she-cat with sky blue eyes. Creamy white under coat with silvery gray rings and stripes rim her fur, framing her face beautifully. She has long white whiskers and a long, skinny tail to match. She is lean, her short fur clearly showing her well muscled body. Featherpool has a personality best described like honey: sweet and sticky. Sweet meaning she is kind and helpful. Skicky meaning that when she gets to know you (and likes you) she will stick around and be a forever loyal friend. But, unlike honey, she can't stick to one place, she has to move around. So, she is very athletic, and loves to play around. Mate to Hawkpelt. (She-Cat)
Poppystorm: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Poppystorm loooves to joke. She's a very light-hearted cat with a somewhat fluttery nature that lets her forgive and forget almost instantly. She's hopless at holding grudges and fantastic at cheering others up. Parents are Icestar and Brightstorm. Mate to Thornear. (She-Cat)
Skydapple: Skydapple is a long furred gray cat with striking green eyes. He's extremely stubborn and has no problem going against the warrior code. He hates change, and loves to just sit about in the sun, relaxing. Mate to Wildstorm. (Tom)
Skybreeze: Light gray tabby tom and light blue eyes. He is loud and not afraid to question StarClan. He is very strong in battle. His influences are cats who act around him. He thinks mostly about his family. Parents are Hawkpelt and Featherpool, Littermate to Creektail, Falconpaw, and Polarkit. (Tom)
Barkeye: Short-tailed brown tom. Barkeye has a very carefree and happy-go-lucky disposition. He loves to have fun and joke around, but around new cats, he’s very shy. He also has a mean temper when provoked. He’s usually a lover, not a fighter, but when it comes to protecting his Clan, he gives it one hundred percent. He’s a hopeless romantic, always dreaming of love, but he has yet to find the right she-cat. He’s also very compassionate, and will help a cat in need, no matter what. Parents are Firecloud and Mudpelt, Littermate to Loudyowl, Tigerprowl, and Seaberry. (Tom)
Loudyowl: Dark brown tom. Loudpaw is a very friendly, loving cat. He greets everyone in the morning. He helps a lot for his clan. He protects them with everything and is very loyal. Parents are Firecloud and Mudpelt, Littermate to Barkeye, Tigerprowl, and Seaberry. (Tom)

Swallowfur: Dark brown tabby and white tom. I am always worrying about anything and everything, but I am a very good judge of character. (Tom)
Bloodclaw: Sleek black she-cat with white front paws and bright green eyes. Bloodclaw is reckless, bold, and has quite the rebellious streak. She's not very mature for her age and loves to pulls pranks and cause trouble, both for herself as well as others. She can rarely be found doing what she's supposed to, more often than not she's off coming up with some new scheme or pointless exploit. She doesn't take many things very seriously and it's next to impossible to get a straight answer out of her; she's full of sarcastic retorts. Her sharp tongue has gotten her into many tough situations, as she rarely thinks before she speaks and will never refrain from telliing a cat exactly what she thinks of them. Even from a very young age, the she-cat would stand up for herself and what she believes in without hesitation, no matter the situation or its possible consequences. Whether this is true bravery or simply lack of common sense, no one can quite say. Parent is Spottedscar. Mate to Mousepelt. (She-Cat)
Dapplefur: Tortoiseshell she-cat. She is a very soft-spoken kind cat. She is very kind and swet, and wouldn't hurt a fly if it landed in front of her. But like most she-cats she has a temper, not a scary temper, but she just kinda glares and ignores. Parents are Swiftfoot and Brightfur, Littermate to Halfstep, Dustflower, Patchpelt, and Brokenshadow. Mate to Scarfire. (She-Cat)
Aquafire: Small light brown tom. Aquafire loves to be around the apprentices. He likes to play fight with them and practice battle moves. He also loves to play the popular game of toss with a ball of moss with them. He hopes that one day, he would be the leader of his clan, with his denmate, Hazelclaw, as his deputy. Aquafire also is very mischievous and is a bit of a troublemaker, but is very loyal and strict about the warrior code. He has a heart about kittypets and loners, but he will defend his clan with his whole life if he has to. Parents are Thornear and Poppystorm, Littermate to Ivykit, Lilacflight, Maplecloud, Hazelpaw, and Moonleg. (Tom)
Hazelclaw: Dark brown tabby tom. Hazelclaw is a funloving cat. He loves jokes and pranks. His favorite activity is hunting. Parents are Thornear and Poppystorm, Littermate to Ivykit, Lilacflight, Maplecloud, Aquafire, and Moonleg. (Tom)
Moonleg: Dusky brown tom. Moonleg does not like battles. He likes to stay in the camp and defend the elders, queens, and kits. He loves to hunt. Also, he likes to patrol. He is not shy, and is friendly. He is confident. He sticks up for his clanmates. Parents are Thornear and Poppystorm, Littermate to Ivykit, Lilacflight, Maplecloud, Aquafire, and Hazelclaw. (Tom)
Runningwhisker: Brown tabby she-cat. Runningwhisker never fears to interject a harsh opinion. Truth, in her view, is better than any kind of flattery. Silence her best ally at times, and honesty at others. Bearing a kind of noble silence, she's a fabulous guide, bearing witty- not sly- advice, nor being too gibberish. Preferring to let cats talk themselves out, she's a terrific listener. Ready to nod emphatically through the hard parts, sigh at the melancholic ones, but never gasp in awe. Her praise is sparse, and the impasses of her mind unreachable. Though she may seem slightly mellow, Runningwhisker's expectations are set high, but no reproving words when one doesn't manage. Parents are Kindlenose and Brookfur. (No cat is aware of this.) (She-Cat)
Frogfur: Smoky-grey with jet-black stripes. Humorous, helping, loyal, and out-going. New to the clans and its borders, originally a loner looking for a place to share with. Knows a lot about what is outside the clan boarders and beyond. (Tom)
Birchpelt: Silver tabby tom, with more of a blue tint to his pelt then silver. Bright, alert green eyes and a soft white maw, traveling down his chest. Birchpelt is a very outgoing very happy cat, always willing to learn new things and determined to do something till he gets it right. He is not entirely sure he believes in StarClan, no matter how much his siblings and parents make sure he knows they are. He is very respectful though, and refuses to question the being of "StarClan" to his leader and elders. Siblings Robinflower and Salmoncloud. Parent is Brokenshadow. (Tom)
Stormclaw: Dark gray tom. Stormclaw is a very proud, passionate warrior. He’s not afraid to speak his mind, and only keeps this habit to himself around higher officials (and sometimes it comes out anyway). Mate to Lightningfall. (Tom)
Spinesong: Flame-pointed tom with a white underpelt. There is no such thing as a filter with this cat. He says that he thinks, often sticking all four paws in his mouth at once. The poor tom spends a lot of time apologizing, but sometimes the damage is already done. Spinesong is curious and won't hesitate to outright ask a cat point-blank about a scar or a strange response to a comment. There is actually a little morbid curiosity in his blood. (Tom)
Salmoncloud: Red tabby longhair tom with yellow-green eyes. Salmoncloud is very shy, and reserved. He spends most of his time day dreaming about adventure rather then actually out their making one. He only speaks when spoken to, and then rarely. He sticks close to those who are teaching him due to his eagerness to learn new things. Not much into fighting, but a very skillful hunter. Siblings Robinflower and Birchpelt. Parent is Brokenshadow. (Tom)
Robinflower: Brown tabby longhair she-cat with a white chest. Robinflower is very eager, and very driven. She thinks that someday she will rule LionClan and lead it to this greatness that she often explains to every cat that will listen. She can be a bit snooty though, and thinks highly of herself, often getting her ear cuffed for being disrespectful. Her eagerness to do things often causes a mess-up in hunting or fighting and makes her flustered. Siblings Salmoncloud and Birchpelt. Parent is Brokenshadow. (She-Cat)
Heavystep: Thickset brown tabby she-cat. Heavystep is a very independent cat. She doesn't need anyone, though, that's not to say she doesn't enjoy the company of others. She doesn't, however, depend on them for anything. Despite this, she is capable of forming close bonds with those she spends lots of time with, and rarely "hates" any cat, per se. She's opinionated and outspoken, but she knows when she's being annoyingly so. Parents are Mousepelt and Bloodclaw, Littermate to Talonstorm, Onestrike and Volefur. (She-Cat)
Cranefeather: Silver tabby she-cat. Cranefeather is a flirtatious girl. She doesn't care what others think of her, and she spends plenty of time thinking to herself, alone. Parents are Swiftfoot and Dawntail, Littermate to Lastfall, Oceanpool, Strawberryfrost, and Poisonbracken. (She-Cat)
Lastfall: Cream tabby tom. Lastfall is very insecure, but he's able to mask that easily.  He enjoys working with other cats and proving that he is a good warrior. Parents are Swiftfoot and Dawntail, Littermate to Cranefeather, Oceanpool, Strawberryfrost, and Poisonbracken. (Tom)
Oceanpool: Blue-gray she-cat. Although she may be a sweet cat most of the time, Oceanpool is known for having a short temper. She is easily frustrated by ignorant mistakes, and tends to lean toward being a perfectionist. Because of her short-temper and lack of patience with incompetent mistakes, Oceanpool would not make a great mentor. Parents are Swiftfoot and Dawntail, Littermate to Cranefeather, Lastfall, Strawberryfrost, and Poisonbracken. (She-Cat)
Strawberryfrost: White tom. Strawberryfrost loves to be out in the fresh air. He is a good fighter and he hunts well. Parents are Swiftfoot and Dawntail, Littermate to Cranefeather, Lastfall, Oceanpool, and Poisonbracken. (Tom)
Poisonbracken: Black tom. Poisonbracken is a good fighter and he rarely gives up in these fights. He is loyal, smart, brave, curious, and has a great deal of courage in him. He also loves to hunt for prey. He is a talented hunter because he is very patient. Parents are Swiftfoot and Dawntail, Littermate to Cranefeather, Lastfall, Oceanpool, and Strawberryfrost. (Tom)
Mistyegg: Gray she-cat. Mistyegg is a cheery cat. She loves playing around in the camp. Mistyegg is very obedient and barely gets in trouble. She likes to sneak around the camp and explore. Mistyegg is hyperactive and can't stay in one place. She is always jumping around but not in her sleep. Parents are Silversun and Feathertail, Littermate to Crowlily, Roseflight, Fuzzyleaf, and Stripecloud. (She-Cat)
Darkrose: Darkrose is a light orange tabby with white paws, muzzle, tip of tail, and tips of ears. Darkrose is sly, slippery, and very secretive. He will slide by always unnoticed with his cunning mind and quick wits. He has great eyesight, so don't try and sneak up on this tom. Darkrose has two different sides to him, a nice side, and a fierce side. On his nice side, Darkrose is outgoing with cats he knows he can trust and/or he loves. But on his fierce side, he will claw your fur off in a matter of seconds. (Tom)
Windlion: Gray tabby she-cat. Windlion is bipolar, straight and simple. Most of the time, she's calm and quiet, speaking little. It takes only the slightest incident, maybe even by no cause at all, she'll become depressed. She'll sit in the corner of the den and hiss at whoever comes near, sometimes even becoming slightly manic and attacking them full on. She constantly feels isolated and hopeless, and because of this has few, if any, friends. Parents are Scarfire and Dapplefur, Littermate to Leopardkit, Patchpaw, Poppypaw, Mumblepaw, and Raggedheart. (She-Cat)
Onestrike: Brown tabby she-cat. She seems to have a thing for gaining rivals who she will often taunt and goad into fighting her. These are usually cats that she can beat in a fight or outwit. She is not peaceful in any possible meaning of the word- if she thinks she can beat you, and you do something to her want to fight you, she will. If she does not think she can beat you, or she does not want to fight you, however, she is pretty good at taking insults and the such well as long as you are directing it at her and not anyone else. Parents are Mousepelt and Bloodclaw, Littermate to Talonstorm, Volefur, and Heavystep. Mate to Oakfur. (She-Cat)
Mudleaf: Dark brown tabby she-cat. She doesn't care what any cat thinks of her--thought she's only willing to make sacrifices for those very close to her, and still, it needs to be for a good cause. Mostly, she looks out for herself. Parents are Wild and Mudpelt, Littermate to Graycloud, Minnowsong, and Ashtail. Mate to Redwhisker. (She-Cat)
Graycloud: Gray tabby she-cat. Graycloud tends to rather friendly towards those who seem weaker than herself. She is generally good natured, yet has a fetish for picking fights with bigger toms and she-cats, just to prove she's tough. Although she enjoys a good fight, she tends to shy away from ones with smaller cats, perhaps she's just out to fight bigger game, or she sees herself in them and fears they may be capable of defeating her. Parents are Wild and Mudpelt, Littermate to Mudleaf, Minnowsong, and Ashtail. Mate to Blueclaw. (She-Cat)
Minnowsong: Silver tabby she-cat. Minnowsong is rather outgoing and love to chat with the other cats. Parents are Wild and Mudpelt, Littermate to Mudleaf, Graycloud, and Ashtail. Mate to Crowfur. (She-Cat)
Patchbelly: Black and white tom. He will never surrender, or won't kill a cat, who attacked him. Patchbelly enjoys killing cats; like it would be his job to do so. A day begins; a new cat dies form his claws. Its strange if he doesn't kill a cat on everyday, because he loves to kill. Its a dream for him, to rule a bloodthirsty clan.  Parents are Scarfire and Dapplefur, Littermate to Windlion, Leopardkit, Poppybird, Mumbletail, and Raggedheart. (Tom)
Blackcloud: Tailless white she-cat with ginger and black patches down body. Has a grave sense of right and wrong, stutters when trying to lie. Parents are Scartail and Hawkstorm. Mate to Halfstep. (She-Cat)
Poppybird: Dark red she-cat.  Poppybird is pretty hostile. That is especially so to kittypets. She is very much against twolegs. Parents are Scarfire and Dapplefur, Littermate to Windlion, Leopardkit, Patchbelly, Mumbletail, and Raggedheart. (She-Cat)
Littlepoppy: Dark ginger she-cat. Littlepoppy has never been easy to get along with. She is quick to argue, arrogant and hardly ever listens to anyone. She is witty and has a sharp, quick tongue. She doesn't have very many friends, and she is quite cocky and likes to show off to whoever is around. Parents are Icestar and Brightstorm. Mate to Leopardfrost. (She-Cat)
Mumbletail: Brown tom. Strong and loyal to his clan, he will forever protect the cats he calls family. He has a kind and sweet side to his personality as well as fierce and brave. Mumbletail has always been there for others when they needed him most, always kept a look out for anything he could help with, and can still be playful when he is not on any clan duties. Parents are Scarfire and Dapplefur, Littermate to Windlion, Leopardkit, Patchbelly, Poppybird, and Raggedheart. (Tom)
Poolcloud: A very large (larger than even some of the young apprentices) gray and white tom, with a smudge of cream around his eyes. He has large fierce amber eyes, scruffy head fur, the beginnings of tangles in the long hair of his tail and kinked whiskers. Despite his angry looking expression, he's actually a most congenial cat, happy to laugh, play and listen to stories told by elders. Parents are Tanglewhisker and Mothfur. (Tom)
Webclaw: Black and white tom. Webclaw is sweet and nice. He cares for everyone and everything, wishing the best for even the grumpiest of cats. Although he's sweet almost all the time, he'll die fighting to protect what he cares for the most. He can fight and hunt pretty well. Parents are Mossheart of BadgerClan and Heavystep, Littermate to Barleymoon. (Tom)
Barleymoon: Black and white tom. Barleymoon is the kind of cat who has a soothing affect on everyone around him. It is difficult to be angry or aggressive in his presence. However, he does have a tendency to scold. If he feels as though a cat of any age has stepped out of line, he will become vocal about it, but never to the point of initiating a fight. If he ever is involved in a fight, surely it is the fault of the other cat. Parents are Mossheart of BadgerClan and Heavystep, Littermate to Webclaw. (Tom)
Spottedcloud: A sleek little black she-cat with muted, dappled orange ocicat spots dotted throughout her coat. She has a single orange patch across her left eye, both of which are a deep molten gold and burn with all the fire of a true young warrior. Parent is Rowanstar. (She-Cat)
Rockpath: Jet black she-cat with hidden spots throughout her pelt. Rockpath is very active and full of energy. She is gentle and playful, she never refuses a play fight. Rockpath is a little naive, and very optimistic. Parents are Tangleheart and Spottedscar, Littermate to Spottedlegs. Mate to Heavywhisker. (She-Cat)
Ashtail: Gray tabby she-cat. Ashtail is a sort of shy, sweet cat, with a sugary personality. Parents are Wild and Mudpelt, Littermate to Mudleaf, Graycloud, and Minnowsong. Mate to Patchpelt. (She-Cat)
Specklepelt: Thick-pelted ginger cat, cares immaculately for her coat. Can be grumpy disturbed from her grooming. Gets upset when the moss is out of place in the den and will spend a good part of the day fixing it to her liking. Parents are Thornpelt and Tangletail. Mate to Brokenshadow. (She-Cat)
Morningtail: Torbie she-cat with green eyes. Morningtail is loud, easily angered, and quick to declare war on other cats. Parents are Sunleopard and Darkleaf, Littermate to Oakrain, Cloudflower, Tanglecherry, and Stripedfur. (She-Cat)
Oakrain: Orange and white tabby tom with amber eyes. Oakrain is kind, and outgoing. He can help anyone with any situation, and will not ignore them. If he's in a battle though, he's meaner than a tornado gone mad. He is humble, and doesn't think only about himself. He dedicates his life on helping others. Though, if someone makes him mad he will either yell, or remain calm. Parents are Sunleopard and Darkleaf, Littermate to Morningtail, Cloudflower, Tanglecherry, and Stripedfur. (Tom)
Cloudflower: White she-cat with brown points and blue eyes. Cloudflower's personality can differ, depending on who she is with. With her clanmates, she usually can be polite and friendly, but keeps comment to herself. She holds herself highly, and is one to go up and tell someone how to do things. She doesn't mind being with others, but prefers to be alone. Around her close friends she can be pretty easygoing. Her personality completely morphs in battle. In a fight, Cloudflower can be cocky, ruthless, and snappy. She likes to threaten and torture cats she has captured. Parents are Sunleopard and Darkleaf, Littermate to Morningtail, Oakrain, Tanglecherry, and Stripedfur. (She-Cat)
Tanglecherry: Smokey gray tom with green eyes. Tanglecherry likes to talk.  He loves it and he does it constantly. Parents are Sunleopard and Darkleaf, Littermate to Morningtail, Oakrain, Cloudflower, and Stripedfur. (Tom)
Stripedfur: Black tom with amber eyes. One sentence that could sum up Stripedfur is that he appears to be as tough as leather, but in reality, he's a fragile, broken little soul. Parents are Sunleopard and Darkleaf, Littermate to Morningtail, Oakrain, Cloudflower, and Tanglecherry. (Tom)
Birdflight: Gray tabby she-cat. Birdflight is a thoughtful cat and can be pretty persuasive. She does not like to fight unless she has to, and is rather peaceful. Parents are Oakfur and Onestrike, Littermate to Cragwhisker and Sheerfur. (She-Cat)
Cragwhisker: Dark gray tom. He has a calm temper, but will get snappy if you challenge him. He is known for his calm attitude. Parents are Oakfur and Onestrike, Littermate to Birdflight and Sheerfur. (Tom)
Sheerfur: Dark brown tabby she-cat. Sheerfur is quite a character. She's not afraid to say what she thinks to cats who could kill her with one blow. In other words, she can be a real brat. She gets what she wants, and if she doesn't.. she throws a fit. Some of the older cats that know her are afraid that when she gets older, she might kill to get what she wants. Sheerfur can be playful, rough, and very loud. Also, if something seems wrong, she would probably be the first to say something. Parents are Oakfur and Onestrike, Littermate to Birdflight and Cragwhisker. (She-Cat)
Sorrelnose: Tortoiseshell and white she-cat. I am a bit naive,  but I am never afraid to say what I feel when I have to. Parents are Redwhisker and Mudleaf, Littermate to Hollypaw and Kestrelpaw. (She-Cat)
Runningsage: Cream tabby tom. Runningsage is almost always shaking with excitement. He's often overly-energetic over things that most cats would ignore. This leads him to have a very active imagination. He loves laughing. I guess you could say it's his hobby, along with making other cats laugh. This can get him into trouble, though, as he often pulls pranks to get said laughter. He never tries to hurt anyone, but some cats just don't seem to realize the great art that is pranking. Parents are Blueclaw and Graycloud. (Tom)
Ravensmudge: Sleek black tom. Ravensmudge is a bit bossy, and a show off. He's daring and adventurous, and likes to try many dangerous new things, like running down cliffs, swimming in rapids, climbing up the biggest trees in the forest, etc. He's definetly a ladies cat and very bold, and is jump-first, never thinks, just does.. Even though you might think he's not good at anything but showing off, think again. He's a fast runner, silent, swift hunter and dangerous, skilled fighter. He's also caring for the ones closest to him, and likes to make friends. He's not very straight onto the warrior code, as he might trespass or kill. He's still fiercly loyal to the Clan, LionClan. Parents are Crowfur and Minnowsong, Littermate to Dreamfur and Peachwatcher. (Tom)
Dreamfur: Black and white tom. Dreamfur is a sensitive cat that cannot stand to be teased or taunted. His temper is very hard to mess with because he isn't stubborn. He has minor parts of his temper that is very easy to mess with if you are mean to him. Dreamfur can be a super sweet cat one minute then hopping mad the next. Dreamfur is a shy cat as well, he cannot stand being put in the center of attention. He is also a sneaky cat, always getting a good laugh when scaring others. Parents are Crowfur and Minnowsong, Littermate to Ravensmudge and Peachwatcher. (Tom)
Peachwatcher: Red tabby and white she-cat. I'm very energetic, I love to play, run and play some more. There isn't any time of the day that I'm not doing anything, I'm always up and about. Parents are Crowfur and Minnowsong, Littermate to Ravensmudge and Dreamfur. (She-Cat)
Tinypelt: Small white tom. Tinypelt has somewhat of a good temperament, though when he is in a bad mood, he may snap.  He is independent and fiercely loyal to his clan.  He's confident and very brave, which helps him during battle and when on patrol to different clan territory.  He loves the water and won't think twice before jumping in the water. Parents are Halfstep and Blackcloud, Littermate to Buzzardfall, Milkkit, and Seaflower. (Tom)
Buzzardfall: Ginger she-cat. Buzzardfall is a curious she-cat. She is a little over-dramatic at times but will be honest. She's a fierce competitor and a loyal friend. She will never fall to her knees for looks but for personality. If tongues could kill, Buzzardfall would be responsible for many deaths. Her quick tongue is her first defense and offense and is the gateway to trouble. Parents are Halfstep and Blackcloud, Littermate to Tinypelt, Milkkit, and Seaflower. (She-Cat)
Seaflower: Blue-gray tom. Seaflower is a stubborn, easily angered, and stuck-up cat, with a big personality. He can be caring but it’s  rare and only with cat close to him, which it is hard to get close to him. He  loves to fight, but he has never killed a cat, and is battle hungry. He would  betray the warrior code for his own desire, to a limit, but he can be loyal in  his own little way. He is not shy and loves to speak out, and he sometimes speaks his mind on his plans. Parents are Halfstep and Blackcloud, Littermate to Tinypelt, Buzzardfall, and Milkkit. (Tom)
Wickedfur: Chocolate-spotted ociciat she-cat. Not very intelligent but is good at hunting. Has a bubbly personality and is very caring and kind. Littermate to Spottedscar. Mate to Earthwind. (She-Cat)
Dogflight: Red tabby tom. Dogflight is a fierce tom. Parents are Leopardfrost and Littlepoppy, Littermate to Beaverclaw, Bloomfur, Bonefeather, and Burntleaf. (Tom)
Beaverclaw: Dark brown she-cat. I can be easily angered. Even if you are only joking around, I will get mad. Aside from that, I am very caring. I would rather die than let someone else take that fate. I would be able to stand it. Parents are Leopardfrost and Littlepoppy, Littermate to Dogflight, Bloomfur, Bonefeather, and Burntleaf. (She-Cat)
Bloomfur: White and silver-spotted tom. Bloomfur is a very clumsy tom, he is constantly tripping and falling. Parents are Leopardfrost and Littlepoppy, Littermate to Dogflight, Beaverclaw, Bonefeather, and Burntleaf. (Tom)
Bonefeather: Lilac-shaded she-cat. She is a very silent she-cat, causing most to distrust her. She is happy deep down, but it never shows on the outside. She remains calm at all times, this gives her the edge in a battle. Most think she is depressed thanks to her refusal to smile. They also think she is lazy, thanks to her laid-back attitude. She isn't very out going, but she doesn't need to be. Her personality lets her be alone and happily alone at that. This is part of the reason she seems anti-social even though she will gladly make friends. Parents are Leopardfrost and Littlepoppy, Littermate to Dogflight, Beaverclaw, Bloomfur, and Burntleaf. (She-Cat)
Burntleaf: Flame point tom. Burntleaf is a cheerful and bubbly ball of fur when by himself, since he doesn't have any friends. Parents are Leopardfrost and Littlepoppy, Littermate to Dogflight, Beaverclaw, Bloomfur, and Bonefeather. (Tom)
Deadpetal: Black she-cat. Deadpetal is a very, very, very optimistic cat. This kit lives in her own world of rainbows, sunshine and happiness, and is completely oblivious to what is going around her. She's nearly always happy, and loves to talk to other cats about anything at all. She's very outgoing, and sees everyone as her best friend until they prove her wrong, being rude or mean or saying something behind her back. Since she's so trusting, she also falls hard when someone decides to break her trust, and will probably never trust them again. She's not perfect though, she has her flaws, such as being bossy and not seeing other's emotions, making her look like an ignorant kit instead of the happy cat she is. Parents are Heavywhisker and Rockpath. (She-Cat)
Duskblossom: Dark gray tabby tom. He is a fireball! Parents are Patchpelt and Ashtail, Littermate to Crowpelt, Amberleaf, Frogtail, and Brightfur. (Tom)
Crowpelt: Black tom. He is a fun and outgoing tom with a bright personality. He rarely snaps at anyone and is very fierce when protecting his clan. Parents are Patchpelt and Ashtail, Littermate to Duskblossom, Amberleaf, Frogtail, and Brightfur. (Tom)
Amberleaf: Deep orange tom. Amberleaf is a very strange LionClan tom. He at times seems like he is confident in himself, And others he is backing out of the fight in clear fear of loosing and getting hurt. The tom has only a very few true friends who actually care about his well being, and even to those he cares about that hurt him... He is very loyal to them and puts their needs before him. Anyone who he is not close to, however, is more or less either doesn't care about or wants to be over them in power and strength. Parents are Patchpelt and Ashtail, Littermate to Duskblossom, Crowpelt, Frogtail, and Brightfur. (Tom)
Frogtail: White tom. Yes, he is a bit bossy. This comes from the powerful portion of his personality. He hates being bossed around by cats of a lower rank than him, but loves bossing them around. He can calm down to just following along when he needs to. Parents are Patchpelt and Ashtail, Littermate to Duskblossom, Crowpelt, Amberleaf, and Brightfur. (Tom)
Brightfur: Light brown tom. Yep! He is sweet! But it's rarely seen. Parents are Patchpelt and Ashtail, Littermate to Duskblossom, Crowpelt, Amberleaf, and Frogtail. (Tom)
Suntail: Ginger tabby she-cat. Suntail is a very loving cat. She loves to just hang out, but can get very stubborn. Mate to Talonstorm. (She-Cat)
Rosecloud: White she-cat with a multitude of brown spots all over her pelt. First and foremost, everybody thinks that they know Rosecloud--she's the lighthearted, constantly grinning one, the joker who could win the favor of the most cold-hearted cat. She's popular within the Clan, regarded by most as a close friend. Mate to Volefur. (She-Cat)
Tigerfoot: Thick plush brown coat with blue eyes. Fiercely competitive with other clans but at peace within her own clan. Mate to Thrushfeather. (She-Cat)
Honeystripe: Yellow tabby she-cat. Honeystripe loves to get into trouble with her friends. She has the same love for climbing trees; like a monkey. She just can't find her way down afterwards. She also likes to be in power of others, seeing as she would already boss them around. Parents are Cinderstar and Raggedheart. (She-Cat)
Skytooth: Blue-gray tom. Somewhat stubborn, he is a firmly believing cat who holds loyalty to his friends and Clan, unless they give reason not to be. Parents are Brokenshadow and Specklepelt, Littermate to Elmstorm. (Tom)
Elmstorm: Black tom. As often as he neglects his grooming and eating, he does his best in his rank, holding his clanmates well above him, and becoming oblivious to himself unless told  - again - to take time away from his duties. However, when he does take this time, he feels relieved, and often helps his clanmates with problems, sometimes just sharing tongues with them. Parents are Brokenshadow and Specklepelt, Littermate to Skytooth. (Tom)
Quickface: Gray and white she-cat. May be a bit naive sometimes, abides by the rules, can be overprotective in some cases. (She-Cat)
Rowanwhisker: A pure white she-cat with very odd but stunning colored eyes. Both are a light blue with bits of amber running through them. Parents are Whitefoot and Willowstar. Littermate to Tornpaw, Gorsefur, Cedartail, Dawnflower, and Darkleaf. Mate to Lionfur. (She-Cat)
Loudblaze: Dark brown she-cat. Loudblaze doesn't take kindly to insults that either insult her, her family, her friends, or her clan. She cares to joke a lot, and quite enjoys her jokes. Sometimes others do too. She is rather calm and cool, and tends to work around puzzles and problems with the lightest of ease. Parents are Earthwind and Wickedfur, Littermate to Flintstripe. (She-Cat)
Flintstripe: Cream tabby tom. He might be one of the most kind and shy cats you know, but he is known for his sensitiveness. If you prank him once, with the least embarrassing prank, he will never speak to you again. He might even cuss. Flintstripe will fight nastily if he has to, or kill. He is very sweet when in a good mood, but in a bad... Oh, let's not go there. Parents are Earthwind and Wickedfur, Littermate to Loudblaze. (Tom)
Blossombird: Pale brown she-cat with a dark stripe. Blossombird has always been more of the conservative type. Parents are Talonstorm and Suntail, Littermate to Shadebeam, Nightbrook, Toadapple, Snowsky, and Sedgepaw. (She-Cat)
Shadebeam: Brown tabby tom. Shadebeam is a calm cat, but if you say the wrong thing, he'll go from calm, to murderous. Parents are Talonstorm and Suntail, Littermate to Blossombird, Nightbrook, Toadapple, Snowsky, and Sedgepaw. (Tom)
Nightbrook: Black and white tom. Nightbrook is almost always calm, except for when in battle; he fights like all of LionClan. Parents are Talonstorm and Suntail, Littermate to Blossombird, Shadebeam, Toadapple, Snowsky, and Sedgepaw. (Tom)
Toadapple: Dark grayish-brown she-cat. She is calm and collected. Toadapple never looses her temper, even with the most irritating cats. Parents are Talonstorm and Suntail, Littermate to Blossombird, Shadebeam, Nightbrook, Snowsky, and Sedgepaw. (She-Cat)
Snowsky: Dark brown tabby she-cat. Snowsky is a heartless, brutal monster on the outside. Parents are Talonstorm and Suntail, Littermate to Blossombird, Shadebeam, Nightbrook, Toadapple, and Sedgepaw. (She-Cat)
Pikefrost: Skinny brown tabby she-cat. Pikefrost is an easy-going she-cat with a mostly positive attitude. Parents are Volefur and Rosecloud, Littermate to Softripple, Shatteredice, Fallenwing, and Moonripple. (She-Cat)
Softripple: White and brown tabby she-cat. Softripple likes to run and have occasional races. She likes to swim and enjoys a good swim at sunhigh. Parents are Volefur and Rosecloud, Littermate to Pikefrost, Shatteredice, Fallenwing, and Moonripple. (She-Cat)
Shatteredice: Black she-cat. Shatteredice doesn't like to fight all the time, but will if necessary. She also dislikes having to jump from great heights, for fear she will break her leg. One other thing she dislikes is dogs. She will wake up at night or from a nap whenever she hears a dog. Dogs are her true nemesis'. Parents are Volefur and Rosecloud, Littermate to Pikefrost, Softripple, Fallenwing, and Moonripple. (She-Cat)
Fallenwing: Silver fawn she-cat. She is a very quiet cat, but is getting bolder bit by bit to express her thoughts with others, as well as learning to hold her tongue when necessary. But she is still the type where she would rather listen to conversations than join them. She is used to being very pessimistic and depressing at times when she doesn't mean to. She spends a lot of her time alone, since she feels she also seeps into the background with no friends or acquaintances to accompany her. Parents are Volefur and Rosecloud, Littermate to Pikefrost, Softripple, Shatteredice, and Moonripple. (She-Cat)
Moonripple: Black and white she-cat. In battle, this swiftly skilled feline is hardcore to the bone. Especially when she is angered, she’s like a roaring lioness on the battlefield. Parents are Volefur and Rosecloud, Littermate to Pikefrost, Softripple, Shatteredice, and Fallenwing. (She-Cat)
Fallowflower: Orange and white tabby she-cat. Fallowflower is somewhat grumpy and tends to stay away from crowds. She doesn't talk much, and prefers to do things by herself, but opens up to cats who she really cares about. She's strong, intense, and can be very gentle when needed. Fallowflower is very mysterious, and many cats don't trust her. Parents are Snookthorn and Moonfur, Littermate to Nuteyes, Blueberryeyes, Rushnose, and Eaglewing. (She-Cat)
Nuteyes: Light brown she-cat. This cat is silent by nature. Yet, she is often called evil. Told she is dark. In truth, she is the most kind and friendly cat you will meet. She will help anyone do anything. She even will risk anything to help you out. Parents are Snookthorn and Moonfur, Littermate to Fallowflower, Blueberryeyes, Rushnose, and Eaglewing. (She-Cat)
Blueberryeyes: Cream tabby tom. Friendly to his clan, but loyal. This cat is ready to do what he can. He will fight, hunt, and kill if he must. He is not afraid of anything. Yet, he will not risk his clans life. He is always thinking before acting. Parents are Snookthorn and Moonfur, Littermate to Fallowflower, Nuteyes, Rushnose, and Eaglewing. (Tom)
Rushnose: Dark red she-cat. She is a lovely female. Always friendly and smiling. This she-cat will go out of her way to make you smile. Yet, she will not let you be mean ether. She will speak how she feels. She is always kind about it though! Parents are Snookthorn and Moonfur, Littermate to Fallowflower, Nuteyes, Blueberryeyes, and Eaglewing. (She-Cat)
Eaglewing: Black and white tom. Eaglewing is very kind, always showing gratitude. The tom-cat is outgoing; not afraid to speak his mind. Fiery and bold. Parents are Snookthorn and Moonfur, Littermate to Fallowflower, Nuteyes, Blueberryeyes, and Rushnose. (Tom)
Duckmuzzle: Brown she-cat. Duckmuzzle, or Duck as she likes to be called, is a little girly girl. Parents are Thrushfeather and Tigerfoot, Littermate to Parrotpeak, Cownose, and Pineblossom. (She-Cat)
Parrotpeak: Blue tabby she-cat. Parrotpeak is a kind-hearted cat. She doesn't like to see other cats in pain. The same goes for other animals. She is a helpful cat, and will always lend her paw to anyone in need. Whether it be a close friend, or a complete stranger, she's there to help. Parents are Thrushfeather and Tigerfoot, Littermate to Duckmuzzle, Cownose, and Pineblossom. (She-Cat)
Cownose: White tom. He isn't always the best with words. At times, he can come across as nervous and high-strung. Sometimes, he stutters when he talks. It makes him feel like a babbling idiot. Friends aren't always the easiest thing to make for him, because of his shy and nervous tendencies. Most of the time, his kind heart stands out through these behaviors and that's what allows him to make friends and acquaintances. Parents are Thrushfeather and Tigerfoot, Littermate to Duckmuzzle, Parrotpeak, and Pineblossom. (Tom)
Pineblossom: Silver-gray she-cat. Pineblossom has a soft spot for kits. She is patient and gentle with them. She longs to find someone, a tom who will accept her for herself and look past her flaws, that she can have a family with. Parents are Thrushfeather and Tigerfoot, Littermate to Duckmuzzle, Parrotpeak, and Cownose. (She-Cat)
Bramblethunder: Dark brown tabby tom. Bramblethunder is rebellious. Parents are Cherrypelt and Dawnflower, Littermate to Littleblossom, Blueripple, and Leafpaw. (Tom)
Littleblossom: Marbled brown tabby tom. Littleblossom's extremely stubborn, making it easy for him to hold grudges and irritate other LionClanners. He's not extremely loyal, and sometimes considers joining a different clan just to get away from his family. He's easily angered and lashes out if someone gets on his nerves. He always is a planner, being able to create war strategies easily and plan out every step of his daytime activities. He's also claustrophobic, making him extremely afraid of tight spaces and it does make him lash out if he's trapped. Parents are Cherrypelt and Dawnflower, Littermate to Bramblethunder, Blueripple, and Leafpaw. (Tom)
Blueripple: Blue-gray tom. Known as a notorious loud-mouth, Blueripple strikes many as almost obnoxious. He has a sharp sense of sarcasm and his words—at times—seem to ooze arrogance. He can be cocky, proud, and self-centered to those who don’t know him personally. Despite the boldness of his attitude, he has a fierce, unbending sense of loyalty to his Clan. He is honest almost to a fault. His smart-alek personality has a tendency to come off as rude and disrespectful, but Blueripple’s infallible sense of loyalty does allow him to see who is in power. He is hot-headed, easy to snap, but also one of the kindest in his tender moments. His arsenal of humorous comments does also allow him to be sociable when he wants to be. Parents are Cherrypelt and Dawnflower, Littermate to Bramblethunder, Littleblossom, and Leafpaw. (Tom)

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