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Apprentices of WindClan

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Apprentices of WindClan Empty Apprentices of WindClan

Post  Spiritstar on 12/13/2017, 10:08 pm

Apprentices of WindClan AuQfPPz

Tallpaw: Light brown tabby she-cat. A happy, chipper cat, she likes to play around and is super energetic, she loves all cats and thinks that no cat will do another cat harm, she doesn't understand the rivalry between the clans and thinks it's wrong, she thinks that all cats should just get along, she'll break any rule that says she can't interact with cats from other clans because she doesn't agree with it, she is super curious and will just decide to go out and explore. Mentor is Fawnshade. (She-Cat)
Specklepaw: Pale black tabby tom. Won't start fights \ won't end fights \ will show mercy. Parents are Crimsonfoot and Whitenose, Littermate to Longpaw. Mentor is Tawnyfur. (Tom)
Longpaw: Pale black tabby tom. Will confront violence \ will run away. Parents are Crimsonfoot and Whitenose, Littermate to Specklepaw. Mentor is Flailstorm. (Tom)

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