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Warriors of BadgerClan

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Warriors of BadgerClan Empty Warriors of BadgerClan

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Warriors of BadgerClan 6y6OCsM

Senior Warriors:
Wolftail: Wolftail is rather stocky with a very masculine structure. His pelt is short haired and mostly black, with bright orange flitting through it. One of his front paws is almost solid orange, and his eyes are a light green-gold color. Wolftail is a really nice tom but loves to live in the heat of the moment where he can show of and do something dangerous once he gets the chance.. He makes it known that when he does these stunts that he is 'Cheating Death', though he is really just pulling something idiotic to show-off for the she-cats.. Beside his nice act, he is a complete dare-devil and loves to fool around, making it known that he is just as good and possibly better than all of the rest.. Wolftail also gets very full of himself sometimes, making him slightly arrogant and selfish.. Parents are Nightpelt and Turtlewing, Littermate to Beetlepaw, Quailstorm, and Spiderflight. Mate to Swallowtail. (Tom)
Silentwhisker: Bright ginger tom. He is cynical, ambitious and obnoxious. He rarely acts older than a kit. He is slightly dark in personality but also energetic. Taking a great interest in nature, he could sit for hours just looking around him amongst the trees or on the river side. Silentwhisker retains a 'poetic' or 'deep' aura about him. Parents are Oaktail and Russetpoppy, Littermate to Peacetail, Saffroncloud, Jayfur, and Quicknose. Mate to Willowear. (Tom)
Mosspelt: Black tom. The first thing you should know about Mosspelt is that he tends to be very ditzy. Often, he doesn't see the big picture of things. He can't focus on one thing for a long time; there's always another thing that catches his eye. This causes him to be very forgetful. Basically, he has the attention-span of a squirrel. Parents are Cedarheart and Riverheart, Littermate to Yellowlion, Elmnose, Hurricaneface, Violetsparrow, and Blizzardclaw. Mate to Stripecloud. (Tom)
Turtlewing: Turtlewing's name stems from the color of her coat, which resembles the shell of the turtles who could be seen near the water. Her silky pelt is that of a black and cream tortoiseshell, and her feet and chest are a frosty white. Her eyes are a beautiful green color. Turtlewing is, for the most part, a nice cat. She is outgoing and strong-minded. Her devotion to the clan is unwavering, and she would do anything for them. She can be a bit of a flirt at times, but she just likes the attention. She has a soft spot for kits, although when she was younger she never imagined herself settling down. She thinks that her duty for her clan as a warrior comes above any of her personal desires. She loves her clan dearly, but like most cats also enjoys her own space and alone time too. Despite her warm heart, she can be prickly and very opinionated. While she may not pick a fight, once she puts her mind to something or is provoked, she won't back down. She's a very determined cat. Her small size may be viewed as a weakness to some, but she uses her speed to her advantage and always puts her heart and soul into it. What she lacks in power she certainly makes up in shear determination and heart. Mate to Nightpelt (She-Cat)
Beechclaw: Gray tabby tom. Beechclaw is dangerous and fierce, but yet at the same time he has a soft side that is dominant. It would not be a good idea to get him angry, but as a friend he will do nearly anything for you. He is clever and cunning, and not afraid of revenge, so be cautious. Be wary around him until you have gained his trust, and then he will be a lifelong friend, and willing to risk his life. Parent is Mistyflower, Littermate to Tornpaw, Dawnwhisper, Minnowegg, and Stormwhisker. Mate to Russetpoppy. (Tom)
Minnowegg: Black tom. Very mysterious and cunning. He isn't insane, or ruthless....he just likes the color red. Minnowegg was taught to obey his leader, so he only follows his leader. He is full of power, and only wants to be accepted. He is very calm and collected when the situation calls for it. He isn't a freak that kills for nothing, he takes lives for certain reasons. His eyes are very deceiving, and he can always wiggle out of situations with a few brisk flicks of his tail, and sweet words. He is never to be trusted...never. Parent is Mistyflower, Littermate to Tornpaw, Beechclaw, Dawnwhisper, and Stormwhisker. Mate to Barkear. (Tom)
Smudgeflower: Black and white tom. Smudgeflower is a calm, contented cat. He has a leader-like look, and expects everyone to listen to him. He can be a bit of a chatterbox at times, and order others around, but if he does, it's probably for the best. Parents are Molefur and Swiftstorm, Littermate to Dapplekit and Barkear. Mate to Moonswim. (Tom)
Hazelfoot: Blue-gray tabby she-cat with green eyes. Kind and gentle, very loving. She would die to protect the kits of BadgerClan. Mate to Mosstail. (She-Cat)
Stoneleopard: Thick-pelted chocolate brown tom. Stoneleopard is quiet and shy and rarely speaks in front of other cats. He will always try to be polite even if someone is being cruel to him. His mind is always working, silently solving every problem that he faces. He is a bit uncomfortable with she-cats and will try to avoid spending time alone with them. Stoneleopard will avoid anything that he thinks is too risky. Parents are Mistyclaw and Talonclaw, Littermate to Swallowheart, Splashpaw, and Brookfern. (Tom)
Stumpyflower: Brown tabby she-cat. She enjoys the entertainment of others and loves going on dawn patrols. Parents are Gladespots and Sandstar, Littermate to Halftail and Oakfern. Mate to Molebelly. (She-Cat)
Swallowheart: Dark brown tabby tom. Swallowheart does not like to be around too many cats at one time. He prefers to hunt alone, and as a result can be lonely at times. He is very energetic despite his loneliness, and can usually never stay still. Even when he stays still, the tip of his tail is always twitching. Parents are Mistyclaw and Talonclaw, Littermate to Stoneleopard, Splashflower, and Brookfern. (Tom)
Splashflower: Sleek dark gray tabby she-cat. Splashflower is a very open and kind-hearted cat. She's often seen day-dreaming or sleeping. Parents are Mistyclaw and Talonclaw, Littermate to Stoneleopard, Swallowheart, and Brookfern. (She-Cat)
Brookfern: Brown tabby tom. Brookfern is really laid back. He doesn't mind if there's something going on - everything happens and everything ends is his philosophy. Parents are Mistyclaw and Talonclaw, Littermate to Stoneleopard, Swallowheart, and Splashflower. (Tom)

Thistlewatcher: Long-haired white tom. He is malicious, cold-blooded and evil, through and through. He loves the taste of blood and feeling the rip of other cat's flesh beneath his claws. Parents are Badgerheart and Yellowtail, Littermate to Silentshrew. (Tom)
Silentshrew: White and black she-cat. I want to become the strongest cat in the forest and I hope to rule the clan one day. Parents are Badgerheart and Yellowtail, Littermate to Thistlewatcher. (She-Cat)
Swallowtail: Swallowtail is a sleek, somewhat petite, cat with a light creamy-brown base color and a much darker brown mask, ears, tail and front legs. Her tiny paws are tipped with white toes and her throat and belly are an off-white. Swallowtail's eyes are large and round and very crystal clear blue in color. This she-cat wants nothing more but to be a mother and to lend others a helping paw. She spends the majority of her time playing with the kits of the clan and checking up on the queens to see if they need anything, whether it be more bedding for their nests or a bite to eat. She has a gentle heart and disposition, but quickly becomes as fierce as a tiger if a clan mate is in trouble, especially if they're a younger cat. Her little paws hide needle-sharp claws and she is not afraid to use them. Mate to Wolftail. (She-Cat)
Barkclaw: Barkclaw is a pure white cat. She has one blue eye and one green eye. Ever since birth, Barkclaw has been deaf in one ear. Barkclaw is very talkative. She usually goes on for what feels like moons for who she's talking to. Most of the time, others must to stop her in order to get a single word in, but she knows when it's time to be quiet and get serious. Whenever the Leader is about to address the Clan, she's usually the first to notice. In battle she is fast and focused, the worst wound she's ever left with is a torn ear. In general, most cats like her, except when she's in a talking mood. Mate to Peacetail. (She-Cat)
Cherryfrost: White she cat with reddish patches and blue eyes.  She is skinny with long legs and a long tail, great for running. Cherryfrost is different, she likes to be playful and musing sometimes but other times she is completely serious and quite keeping her distance from others. Cherryfrost is swift on her feet and great at hunting but she is small so she isn't as good at fighting like say a bigger cat would be. Cherryfrost is extremely loyal to her clan and would never do anything to betray them. Cherryfrost was born into the clan, her mother was a clan cat and her father was a rouge, or so to speak. Her father was once a clan cat but then he was banished because he tried to kill the leader to become leader. Her mother was pregnant before he was banished but her mother never told anyone but Cherryfrost. Soon after Cherryfrost became an apprentice her mother died of green cough. (She-Cat)
Swiftwhisker: Ginger tabby and white tom. I lose my temper very easily,  but I am a very good tree climber. Parents are Lemonstar and Riverpelt, Littermate to Weedpelt and Turtlepaw. (Tom)
Quicknose: Dark brown she-cat. She doesn’t care less what others think: If somebody disapproves, she refuses to act any different nonetheless. Thus, by knowing this you can assume that she’s very stubborn. Parents are Oaktail and Russetpoppy, Littermate to Peacetail, Saffroncloud, Jayfur, and Silentwhisker. Mate to Sagebarley. (She-Cat)
Weedpelt: Pale orange she-cat. I am very forgetful,  but you will never find a more loyal friend than me. Parents are Lemonstar and Riverpelt, Littermate to Swiftwhisker and Turtlepaw. (She-Cat)
Lilyfrost: Tortoiseshell she-cat with a beautiful dappled pelt. Lilyfrost is a very depressed cat. She's rather shy but very friendly. She's scared of a lot of things, and lacks a lot of confidence. Mate to Goldenstar. (She-Cat)
Tulipfur: Brown tabby she-cat. Tulipfur is jumpy, curious, and very, very smart. Her playful heart and curious mind always lead her into trouble. Parents are Duststar and Russetpoppy, Littermate to Tanleopard, Lostwhisker, and Souloak. (She-Cat)
Tanleopard: Brown tabby and white she-cat. Tanleopard is a mild-mannered she-cat. She uses well-thought phrases and words. She is polite to all that are polite to her in return. She has few friends and is shy to most. This cat is wise and smart, too. Parents are Duststar and Russetpoppy, Littermate to Tulipfur, Lostwhisker, and Souloak. (She-Cat)
Lostwhisker: Brown tabby tom. He is nervous and panics at the smallest thing, but he is loyal to the warrior code to the end. Parents are Duststar and Russetpoppy, Littermate to Tulipfur, Tanleopard, and Souloak. (Tom)
Souloak: Thick-pelted brown tabby tom. Souloak is actually crazy. He hides it, even with the scary impulses he feels. He's really sweet, yet outspoken. He is a loyal cat through and through, and loves others until the end. Parents are Duststar and Russetpoppy, Littermate to Tulipfur, Tanleopard, and Lostwhisker. (Tom)
Lilacraven: Small black she-cat. Lilacraven enjoys eating mice and voles even if they are really furry. She has a strong longing for the rush of battle. She would rather live in deep forest instead of anywhere else. Parents are Burningstem of CheetahClan and Willowear, Littermate to Juniperpelt, Aldertail, and Yarrowear. (She-Cat)
Juniperpelt: Red tabby tom. Juniperpelt dislikes eating fish and frogs. He being inactive really gets him antsy. He also can't stand wide open spaces without any shelter. Parents are Burningstem of CheetahClan and Willowear, Littermate to Lilacraven, Aldertail, and Yarrowear. (Tom)
Aldertail: White tom with tawny points. Aldertail is very strong and fast, he can run for very long distances. Parents are Burningstem of CheetahClan and Willowear, Littermate to Lilacraven, Juniperpelt, and Yarrowear. (Tom)
Yarrowear: Red tabby tom. Yarrowear has a very silver-tongue, the ability to convince and decieve others. He uses that ability at times, and it has made him quite cunning and deceiving in life. He is also quite fierce, and has an eagerness to go into battle that could be described as being blood-thirsty. Loyalty is another word to describe Yarrowear. He will go to almost any measure to keep BadgerClan safe. Parents are Burningstem of CheetahClan and Willowear, Littermate to Lilacraven, Juniperpelt, and Aldertail. (Tom)
Shortfur: Dark brown tabby she-cat. Shortfur is loving, caring and friendly. Don't underestimate her in a fight just because she's sensitive. She can be fierce and aggressive if necessary. She loves being around her friends but prefers to hunt and patrol alone and in her own 'bubble'. She can be very energetic but at times also lazy when she doesn't feel like doing much. She is loyal to her clan and her leader and would not easily betray her clan. When it comes to a fight, she would prefer to avoid fighting but if a fight is inevitable she will support her clan fully. Parents are Mosstail and Hazelfoot. (She-Cat)
Frecklerock: Mottled light brown tabby tom. With the spirit of a never growing up rebellious young teenager, and the free spirit of a bird forever soaring through the sky, never tiring, and the sweet gentleness as the cool breeze on a warm summer day. All these things describe Frecklerock, a handsome tabby tom. His voice is soft as silk, gentle and sweet. Frecklerock's voice can often described as a soft melodic tune. Alluring many she-cats into the kind, gentle depths. This shy, yet outgoing spirit is a cat you'd be lucky to meet, he understands things and is not quick to judge. Some say he is wise beyond his years. Parents are Molebelly and Stumpyflower. (Tom)
Smokywing: Gray and white she-cat. Smokywing is a tender she-cat, always taking consideration into other's feelings. She's quite the determined cat, always wanting to do things right and she won't give up until she does. Loyalty is her first priority, putting her Clan before herself, keeping herself last. The she-cat is wise and strict, but she proves a kind soul to her Clanmates. But all of it leads to impatience, a quick coming impatience. She wants things done right the first time, and that is her big flaw. Parents are Earthfang and Buzzardtail, Littermate to Cedarkit, Bearbirch, and Buckwhisker. (She-Cat)
Bearbirch: Brown and blue-gray tom. Bearbirch is shy when first meeting somebody, but will soon come out of his shell. He is unconditionally loyal. His bravery appears when he truly needs it, but is not something he displays every day. Parents are Earthfang and Buzzardtail, Littermate to Cedarkit, Smokywing, and Buckwhisker. (Tom)
Buckwhisker: Silver tom. Somewhat stern by nature, Buckwhisker is a tom that holds himself with dignity and grace and frowns at anything he deems to be foolish or a waste of time, or perhaps some combination of the two. Parents are Earthfang and Buzzardtail, Littermate to Cedarkit, Smokywing, and Bearbirch. (Tom)
Dawnpelt: Gray tom. Dawnpelt has a wild, rebellious attitude towards everyone. He thinks nothing of love and wants only to serve his Clan. However, he always finds ways to make his daily tasks fun and reckless. Parents are Silversun and Feathertail, Littermate to Shrewpaw. (Tom)
Cloversoot: Dark gray tom. He's not one of the type to hang out with other cats. He's quiet and speaks only if he needs to so some cats who doesn't know Cloversoot would think that he can not talk at all. Parents are Crowlily and Oakfern. (Tom)
Mossnose: Tortoiseshell tom. Curiosity may not kill this tom, but it certainly will alienate him from his Clan. Mossnose is a very scholarly tom, spending most of his times out exploring to learn things about his territory or interviewing the elders to learn of the Clan's history. He rarely takes the time to talk to other Clan cats, that is if they don't have anything to add to his vast collection of knowledge. Parents are Wolftail and Swallowtail. (Tom)
Gorsebrook: Very pale gray and white tom. Gorsebrook is a very cheerful tom, although sometimes others just mistake it for a high case of stupidity. Although some would think otherwise, he is actually attracted to the thrill of danger and will do anything in order to get a taste of it. Even though he loves the call of danger, he still would prefer peace to war any day. He is a very loyal tom and would never do anything to disobey a direct order, or do anything to harm a friend. He's bold, seeing that he is always taking a stand or shouting out things that need to be said. Hygiene is very important to him, so he cleans himself often. Parents are Peacetail and Barkclaw. (Tom)
Mintegg: Gray tabby she-cat. Even though Mintegg is irritable, she can warm up to even the coldest cat. Mintegg is willing to put anything aside, even rivalries, to do what is right. Mintegg has a very strong sense of justice, and will tell any cat off, even her own leader, if they aren't doing good. Parents are Mosstail and Hazelfoot, Littermate to Sagebarley. Mate to Roseflight. (She-Cat)
Stripecloud: Gray tabby she-cat. Stripecloud is not afraid to throw her strength around. She isn't modest or bashful. She is proud and can be very loud. She gets a big head sometimes and is also known to be arrogant. She will be eager to go into battle and will protect her clan with her life. Also, she judges cats, if she labels you as stupid do not expect any help. However if she knows you well Stripecloud will be very kind and happy to help. She will also protect friends, but she only has a few. Parents are Silversun and Feathertail, Littermate to Crowlily, Mistypaw, Roseflight, and Fuzzyleaf. Mate to Mosspelt. (She-Cat)
Riverheart: Pale gray she-cat, blind in one eye. Longs for battle. She is a complete war hawk and can sometimes start unnecessary border fights. She enjoys fighting and will do it to the death for her clan. Mate to Cedarheart. (She-Cat)
Shimmerleopard: Dark ginger tabby she-cat. Shimmerleopard's most notable aspect is an unpredictable, affable, clownish exterior concealing a well of great age, wisdom, seriousness and even darkness. While the Shimmerleopard can appear childlike and jocular, when the stakes rise, she will often become cold, driven and callous. On other occasions she is seen a compassionate. Shimmerleopard will kill when given no other option and occasionally in self-defense. She has an extreme dislike for violence, unless she has no other choice. Shimmerleopard has a deep sense of right and wrong, and a conviction that it is right to intervene when injustice occurs. Parents are Sagebarley and Quicknose, Littermate to Cardinalpool, Lightdew, Vipercloud, and Bitterfeather. (She-Cat)
Cardinalpool: Dark ginger tabby tom. Cardinalpool likes to travel the areas around him, meet new cats; tom and she-cat alike, and he likes watching the birds fly overhead. Parents are Sagebarley and Quicknose, Littermate to Shimmerleopard, Lightdew, Vipercloud, and Bitterfeather. (Tom)
Lightdew: Gray and white she-cat. Lightdew dislikes violence very much, also she doesn’t like annoying things, and she definitely hates being wrong. Parents are Sagebarley and Quicknose, Littermate to Shimmerleopard, Cardinalpool, Vipercloud, and Bitterfeather. (She-Cat)
Vipercloud: Thick-pelted black she-cat. Vipercloud is very intelligent and very wise for her age. She is fast on her feet and acts rather quickly. She is also compassionate towards many things. Parents are Sagebarley and Quicknose, Littermate to Shimmerleopard, Cardinalpool, Lightdew, and Bitterfeather. (She-Cat)
Bitterfeather: White-golden tom. Bitterfeather can’t help but intervene when a kit is crying or in danger. Another weakness is he is very helpful, which some take advantage of. He also gets angry easily when cats he cares about gets hurt. Parents are Sagebarley and Quicknose, Littermate to Shimmerleopard, Cardinalpool, Lightdew, and Vipercloud. (Tom)
Snooktail: Black and white she-cat. In detail, she has a very mild personality. She has her own sense of independence, and is very free-spirited. Though she has a very hot temper, which gets her into mounds of trouble, she has a timid, tame side, despite her flaming attitude. Her softer side is calm, and is used usually around family and close friends, but is rare. Parents are Goldenstar and Lilyfrost, Littermate to Rabbitnettle and Plumtail. (She-Cat)
Rabbitnettle: Ginger and cream tom. Rabbitnettle is a fairly laid back cat. He'd be happy to just lounge around all day. Parents are Goldenstar and Lilyfrost, Littermate to Snooktail and Plumtail. (Tom)
Plumtail: Ginger and cream tom. He is kind and curious. He looks everywhere he can for a good laugh. He has an unusual lack of cautiousness. Parents are Goldenstar and Lilyfrost, Littermate to Snooktail and Rabbitnettle. (Tom)
Cedarblaze: Dark gray she-cat. Cedarblaze is, let's say, very exaggerative. If I told her she was pretty, she would tell some other cat that I said she was extremely beautiful, the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in the world. If she sees a biggish vole, she will say she saw a huge vole the size of a badger. Don't listen to her. Parents are Roseflight and Mintegg, Littermate to Swallowshell and Stripefoot. (She-Cat)
Swallowshell: Gray tabby she-cat. Swallowshell is a very shy cat. She keeps quiet most of the time and when she does talk, it normally starts with a squeak. She can be very nervous and jittery around camp, but in the woods she feels calm and collected. Its the one place she feels she has peace of mind. She feels lonely most of the time and gets embarrassed quickly. She comes across very timid, but is kind and caring. Parents are Roseflight and Mintegg, Littermate to Cedarblaze and Stripefoot. (She-Cat)
Stripefoot: Large silver tabby she-cat. Stripefoot loves to joke around when not on the battlefield. She likes to fight battles by staying in the background and watch the other cat fall into a trap of some sort, making them confused. Occasionally, Stripefoot gets in trouble for pulling a prank on another cat in or out of her own clan. Stripefoot loves to laugh at others and is sometimes called annoying when she goes to far, although she doesn't notice them. If some cat does something to her, she will get back at them by possibly putting a bunch of mousetails in their bedding or telling their mate that they left to go hunting without them. Stripefoot has a hard time noticing when she has done something that might hurt the other cat rather than making them laugh. Parents are Roseflight and Mintegg, Littermate to Cedarblaze and Swallowshell. (She-Cat)
Clearfall: Light gray tom. Jumpy, shy, polite, kind, friendly, loyal, honest, can be short tempered. (Tom)
Grayspots: Long-haired gray she-cat. Grayspots' personality changes from time to time, though, it is mainly set on one level. She is kind and usually tries her best to think things through, however, sometimes she doesn't. Parents are Mosspelt and Stripecloud, Littermate to Bumblecedar and Troutshrew. (She-Cat)
Bumblecedar: Very pale gray she-cat with black stripes. Bumblecedar is very swift and agile, and has incredible accuracy with her attacks. Parents are Mosspelt and Stripecloud, Littermate to Grayspots and Troutshrew. (She-Cat)
Troutshrew: Pale gray tabby tom. His eyes are much more sensitive to light than normal. While this does enable him to see much better than other cats, this also means that it is painful for him to be in brightly lit areas, and as such he often prefers to hunt and roam during the night instead of the day. He is also easily blinded by bright light reflecting off of certain surfaces, like water. When that happens, or if he is hit with sudden bright light, then he will be completely blinded for about five minutes, and after that it will be hard for him to see properly until he gets somewhere nice and dark to let his vision recover. He is fairly weak physically, and as such prefers hit-and-run tactics over all-out brawling. Parents are Mosspelt and Stripecloud, Littermate to Grayspots and Bumblecedar. (Tom)
Skywhisker: Long-haired gray tom. Skywhisker is rebellious, clever, protective over friends/loved ones, naturally a leader but will let others lead, and he's quite flirty. Despite all of his negative traits, Skywhisker is very gentle, but can sometimes be ignorant. Parents are Cedarheart and Riverheart, Littermate to Frozenflight and Lizardsong. (Tom)
Frozenflight: Dark gray and white she-cat. Frozenflight is very responsible. Parents are Cedarheart and Riverheart, Littermate to Skywhisker and Lizardsong. (She-Cat)
Lizardsong: Dark brown tabby she-cat. Lizardsong can be impatient at times, making her easily agitated. She is also a daredevil, willing to do anything and risk anything. Sometimes, she can be indecisive, and it's hard for her to be forgiving. Parents are Cedarheart and Riverheart, Littermate to Skywhisker and Frozenflight. (She-Cat)
Bramblenose: Dark brown tabby she-cat. Empathetic, decisive, compassionate, empathetic, altruistic, always willing to help. Parents are Halfstar and Dawnwhisper. (She-Cat)


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