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Elders of BadgerClan

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Elders of BadgerClan Empty Elders of BadgerClan

Post  Lemonstar on 12/1/2017, 3:48 pm

Elders of BadgerClan 6y6OCsM

Foxtail: Foxtail is all white with a few smudges of dark brown, his eyes are bi-colored, one blue, one brown. One word needed to describe him: Grumpy. The only cats that can cheer him up are the other elders, his only friends. (Tom)
Shrewtail: Shrewtail is all white like Foxtail, except his ears are tinted brown, no color patches otherwise. He's got a pale pink nose with long white whiskers. Ah. This is a very shy and timid little cat. Never really speaking to anyone. He's learned over the moons that nobody likes to listen to him very often. 'Cause when you get him talking, good luck making him stop. (Tom)
Lightstream: Tortoiseshell she-cat with pale green eyes. Lightstream's personality is just as unique as her name. The beautiful cat seems to be quite shy at a glance, but it's only because of the way she tends to keep her feelings bottled up. Lightstream is a perfectly content wallflower, well, not perfectly. Perhaps she has an issue with self-esteem. Lightstream doesn't think she'll ever live to see the day someone loves her, who would even like such an ugly, weak cat? Or, at least, that's what she thinks. No one really knows why. Some think that some uncaring, jerk of a tom told her so as an apprentice, and quite frankly, she believed him. Her parents thought it was just a she-cat phase, but it never passed. (She-Cat)
Oaktail: Gray tom. He is a very friendly and social cat. He can get to know someone deep inside in a short amount of time, and can easily make them feel better about themselves. He tends to make long-lasting bonds with just about everyone he meets, and rubs off his bravery and "never-give-up" motto to just about everyone. He never gives up, and never gives in - no matter how hard or difficult the situation may seem. He helps any cat in need, whether if they are in his clan or not. (Tom)
Mosstail: Big dark brown tabby tom with yellow eyes. Mosstail is splintery on the edges, and spends his spare time throwing those splinters at things, inanimate or otherwise. He is bitter and angry, and the best one can say about him is he doesn’t have an inferiority complex or blame his troubles on himself. He does so on any one else. Mate to Hazelfoot. (Tom)
Dawnwhisper: Pale gray she-cat.  Cautious and suspicious, she's never reckless and always carefully weighs the odds before placing herself on one side or other of a conflict. Parent is Mistyflower, Littermate to Tornpaw, Beechclaw, Minnowegg, and Stormwhisker. (She-Cat)
Mossheart: Black and white tom. Mossheart is an entergetic cat. He loves to talk, talk, and well, talk. Though he isn't very attentive, he is stubborn. (Tom)


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