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Leaders of EaglePride

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Leaders of EaglePride Empty Leaders of EaglePride

Post  Servalstar on 11/17/2017, 1:24 pm

Leaders of EaglePride QQsuglv

Servalstar: Orange male tiger. Servalstar is not one that enjoys talking. He prefers to stay away from others, not making friends with many. Whenever someone does make him angry, he will attack. His attack style, violent like a storm, always harsh on his opponents.  He is easily known for this kind of fighting style, trying his hardest to defeat his enemies. In conclusion, Servalstar is rather silent, and much of an experienced fighter. Lives Left: 7. (Male)

Shadestripe: Orange male tiger. Shadestripe is quiet, and keeps to himself unless approached. (Male)

Medicine Tiger(s):
Flutteringtail: Orange female tiger. Flutteringtail is a nice enough tiger, but she's not your most sweetest or considerate thing. She's a blunt, sarcastic thing who is outspoken about her thoughts and opinions, and sarcastic quips, which can really get on other tiger's nerves or hurt their feelings if they're sensitive, although another witty tiger might just take it in a stride. Parents are Eaglestar and Shadowfur, Littermate to Hawkflower, Tallpetal, Jaggedstorm, and Quietfur. (Female)

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