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Leaders of BirdClan

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Leaders of BirdClan Empty Leaders of BirdClan

Post  Thunderstar on 11/14/2017, 8:29 pm

Leaders of BirdClan OI6jV7o

Thunderstar: Orange tom. Thunderstar is a short-tempered feline. Parent is Pebblepelt, Littermate to Turtlefreckle. Lives Left: 8. Mate to Spiritflower. (Tom)

Cloudpelt: Black tom. For Cloudpelt's sake, there is a good virtue for every bad virtue. He hates change. So maybe that counters that he's a graceful cat, in words and every movement and thought that he makes. Negative? Most of the time, but his intelligence is something many cats are possibly jealous of. Cloudpelt is very snappy, but he's gentle in every pawstep, just gentle enough to make cats settle after he snaps at them. He's prideful, yes, and after what we have shared with you, Cloudpelt is actually a very quiet tom. He does prefer to keep to himself mind you. He isn't very hopeful in anything, which is sort of like negativity. But he's very energetic, but don't forget graceful when he moves. Mate to Hawkwing. (Tom)

Medicine Cat(s):
Lilyflight: Mottled gray tom. Lilyflight is the kind of cat that is never serious. He is playful and sarcastic, and teases every cat. He is hyper and runs around, never slowing to a walk. Lilyflight is clumsy, however, and never stays on his paws very long. Lilyflight enjoys playing with apprentices and kits, and they typically love him. (Tom)
Silentleap: Silver tom. Silentleap likes climbing trees and he loves chasing squirrels and he is very curious. Parent is Clearfur, Littermate to Spiritflower, Hawkwing, Wolfleap, and Pebbledoe. Mentor is Lilyflight. (Tom)

Leaders of BirdClan SVdQ2Tp
StarClan: Shortberry
BirdClan: Thunderstar

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