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Leaders of CrowPride

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Leaders of CrowPride Empty Leaders of CrowPride

Post  Ravenstar on 11/10/2017, 3:24 pm

Leaders of CrowPride V9YbtEC

Ravenstar: Golden male ocelot. Ravenstar is one of the classic diplomats - an emphatic and idealistic individual who enjoys exploring interesting ideas and prizes morality. He should be known for his enthusiasm, optimism and intuitive skills. Lives Left: 6. (Male)

Forestfur: Golden male ocelot. Forestfur considers himself a critical thinker and constantly over analyzes every situation he's involved in, which prevents him from acting. (Male)

Medicine Ocelot(s):
Goldenleaf: Golden female ocelot. A secretive heart is the key to this ocelot. It's hard to tell what her opinions may be about anyone. Getting a simple reply out of her is even harder, honestly. (Female)
Ivypaw: Golden female ocelot. Ivypaw is very easily angered, not able to handle even the slightest hostile gesture without getting infuriated. In her mind, she couldn't care less about others, to her nobody is important besides herself. This makes her self-centered and very bloodthirsty. She loves to kill, no matter how big or small the creature is. Parents are Crowstar and Rainfur, Littermate to Lightpaw, Midnightpaw, and Shatteredpaw. Mentor is Goldenleaf. (Female)


StarClan: Narrowstar, Rosestar
CrowPride: Ravenstar
Leaders of CrowPride 8CZ3vJK

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