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Warriors of ThunderClan

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Warriors of ThunderClan Empty Warriors of ThunderClan

Post  Almondstar on 10/31/2017, 4:58 pm

Warriors of ThunderClan WMf83jl

Senior Warriors:
Ragingwind: Ginger tabby tom. Ragingwind needs some serious cooling down. He's hotheaded and ready to go beyond his limits. Mate to Olivestem. (Tom)
Silverfur: Silver and black tabby tom. Silverfur out of instinct and how he had been raised is very kind and polite,though it is mainly towards his elders or the cats that are older than himself that get more politeness and respect out of his pure heart and soul. This tom is very loyal and trustworthy towards his clan and close friends. Mate to Meadowflower. (Tom)
Barkpelt: Dark brown tabby tom. Barkpelt is a bit of a loner in the clan and shy. He likes to hunt and fight. He is not easily influenced by other cats. Mate to Airpelt. (Tom)
Mossfur: Black and white tom. Mossfur is a spunky tom. He loves to help his clan. He follows the warrior code strictly. He loves to flirt with the she-cats and is very good at it. Mate to Sharpfall. (Tom)
Hawkcloud: Long-haired white tom. Hawkcloud is smarter than most other cats. He can be caring and helpful when he wants to be, but most of the time, he chooses not to be. Hawkcloud is very easy to get angry. He has great difficulty concentrating on the simplest of tasks. He'll zone out when he feels there's nothing important going on, but if something is important to him, he'll have full attention on that. Mate to Squirrelfur. (Tom)
Stalkingtail: Golden-brown tabby tom. Stalkingtail, as his name suggests, is quite feisty. In other words, his tongue is as sharp, if not sharper, than his claws. And that's saying something. He's not afraid to speak his mind, though in group situations he keeps his pertinent thoughts to himself unless the situation demands it. Which, sometimes it does. He doesn't really have a soft side- he knows what he wants, and isn't afraid to hurt some feelings to get it. He needles some of the other cats to the point where they want nothing to do with him anymore, but that rarely affects him. Mate is Crouchingfox. (Tom)
Spottedmouse: Gray tom. Spottedmouse is a hyper, energetic cat! He is always somewhere, never in one place. He is eager to learn and do something new, whatever it is he doesn't care. His personality is mainly sweet, although he can get cranky if he is stuck in one place for too long! His wish is to always be on the move. Spottedmouse takes worries one at a time, one by one. That is, for him, the easiest way to figure something out. Parents are Thunderstar and Fawnface, Littermate to Crow, Wolfstorm, and Shadowcloud. Mate to Fawnface. (Tom)
Sixheart: Black tom. Sixheart is a born leader, but is pretty scatterbrained. He is also kind of bossy, although he tries not to be. He likes doing random chores and being helpful. Parents are Thunderstar and Larkpelt, Littermate to Ripplefur. Mate to Sealwhisker. (Tom)
Ripplefur: Silver tabby tom. Ripplefur likes to swim, which is weird for a ThunderClan cat. he can swim as good as any FogClan cat and he knows it. Ripplefur is constantly bragging about his awesomeness. He is a joker and he's pretty playful. Ripplefur never backs down from a challenge and often does stupid things just to impress his clanmates. Ripplefur is a ladies man. He is always flirting with she-cats. He is handsome enough to be liked back by quite a few she-cats in ThunderClan. Parents are Thunderstar and Larkpelt, Littermate to Sixheart. Mate to Boulderpelt. (Tom)
Rainflower: Rainflower is descended from russian blues, and as such he has the typical thick, blue-gray fur of the breed. His eyes are a wide yellow with green around the pupils. His face is narrow and his body has a long, sleek look to it, though he isn't underfed. He is nervous and jittery. He has a hot temper and is easily annoyed. He is a lethal fighter and very quick on his paws. He is thick-headed when annoyed, but very intelligent otherwise. Mate to Weaselfire. (Tom)
Smallberry: Black tom. Smallberry is perfectly content to live in his world of silence and darkness because he has no idea of what he's missing out on. His sense of smell is one of the best in the clan. Parents are Lightningstar and Honeystorm, Littermate to Lightrain, Stonekit, Flashpelt, and Almondstar. Mate to Willowtail. (Tom)
Littlefur: White she-cat. Littlefur is an independent she-cat who doesn't always listen to reason. She tries to do her best, but sometimes her headstrong ways make her ignore authorities. Despite this, when her leader tells her to do something, Littlefur does what she's told, though she isn't always happy about it. Mate to Lightningleaf. (She-Cat)
Zebrafire: Cream tabby tom. He is shy and reserved, very timid as well. He is scared easily and can be beaten. Parents are Fernstorm and Maplestorm, Littermate to Strawmouse, Speckledcloud, Orangeowl, and Dustybird.  Mate to Lightrain. (Tom)
Orangeowl: Orange tom. Orangeowl is one of uniqueness. His personality is ever changing, however, the snob in him is what shows and comes out the most. He, even though may act it once or twice, is no idiot and will refuse to make a fool of himself in others may it be play-fighting or simply talk. He's just as stubborn as ever and won't do a thing you tell him unless it's something he actually wants to do. Parents are Fernstorm and Maplestorm, Littermate to Strawmouse, Zebrafire, Speckledcloud, and Dustybird. Mate to Honeystorm. (Tom)
Meadowflower: Pale ginger she-cat. She tends to be nicer than other cats when it comes to facing a loner or a rouge. She is almost never angry with things, no cat's perfect, right? Mate to Silverfur. (She-Cat)
Brokenclaw: Creamy-white tom with tabby stripes around his face. Despite his considerable size and weight, Brokenclaw would prefer to negotiate rather than fight in most cases. He's got the confidence that comes from being a nasty fighter and damn good at it, and he's not afraid to let the fur fly if it comes to it--it just seems silly to him to expend all that energy and effort if it's not needed. Parents are Lilytail and Mistynose, Littermate to Troutegg, Lizardheart, Meadowpaw, and Sealpaw. Mate to Speckledcloud. (Tom)
Sharpfall: Dark ginger she-cat. Sharpfall is well meaning and loyal. She tries her best to be the best clan cat she can be, although she isn't unknown to rebel against the warrior code for something she believes in. However her clan does mean the world to her, and she enjoys being helpful and feeling useful. Parents are Thunderstar and Meadowflower, Littermate to Bounceheart and Buzzardfur. Mate to Mossfur. (She-Cat)
Petalthorn: Pale gray she-cat. Petalthorn is quite competitive and likes to prove that she is the best. She always bugs the others to playfight or race from the camp to the sandy hollow. Parents are Thunderstar and Willowtail, Littermate to Echopaw. (She-Cat)
Mossfeather: Cream tabby tom.  I can't hunt very well, but I am never afraid to say what I feel when I have to. (Tom)
Crouchingfox: Crouchingfox has a thick, creamy-white coat and fiery ginger tabby patches on her face, ginger ears and a tabby striped tail. Her eyes are round and blue and have a permanently soulful look to them. She has a tendency to stare right into the eyes of other cats, usually making the other uneasy even though it's not her intention. Crouchingfox enjoys the attention she inevitably gets from toms, but she's fond of playing the hard-to-get role. She takes flirting in stride and sees it all in good fun 9 times out of 10 and furthermore, she's not afraid to initiate it rather than waiting on the tom to come to her. However, she knows when to get down to business and set games to the side. As her name suggests, she's gifted in hunting and bringing home plenty of fresh kill for the clan. However, when it comes to fighting against another cat, she's not too great at dealing hard blows and instead just focuses on making sure the other does as little damage to her as possible. Mate to Stalkingtail. (She-Cat)
Fernpoppy: Pale gray tom with darker flecks. Fernpoppy is a kind, but aggressive cat. He loves to swim and run, he has a great sense of humor and always laughs at jokes, even if they aren't very good. He is a big flirt, and he is proud of it. He gets into trouble a lot, accidentally setting someone off in the clan. He has an annoying nature to him, meaning he doesn't really try to annoy cats he just... does it. Parents are Lastclaw of RainClan and Fawnface, Littermate to Boulderpelt, Honeybirch, Stingerswoop, and Skyrain. (Tom)
Weaselfire: Dusky brown she-cat. Weaselfire is a loner. She doesn't play with other kits and she can get quite a harsh tongue. Parents are Thunderstar and Squirrelfur, Littermate to Littlefang and Tallpaw. Mate to Rainflower. (She-Cat)
Honeybirch: Thick-pelted ginger tom. He is a flirt and a casanova, flicking from she-cat to she-cat without looking back. Parents are Lastclaw of RainClan and Fawnface, Littermate to Fernpoppy, Boulderpelt, Stingerswoop, and Skyrain. (Tom)
Stingerswoop: Thick-pelted dark brown tabby tom.  A laid back mellow guy, Stingerswoop loves a challenge and loves the adrenaline rush. Lives life on the wild side and is all in for steamy affairs. Parents are Lastclaw of RainClan and Fawnface, Littermate to Fernpoppy, Boulderpelt, Honeybirch, and Skyrain. (Tom)

Littlefang: Very small dusky brown she-cat. Littlefang is an adventurous cat. Her mind will randomly wander and she'll do random stuff. Most of the time, she's able to stay on track and keep focused. But if she's not hunting or fighting, she'll just wander around the camp in a daze. Sometimes she'll climb trees and have no idea how to get down, or somehow end up in the leader's den with no idea how she got there. A lot of cats misunderstand her though, she might wander around randomly and everything, but she is a brave and noble cat. Wich is the one thing no one can take from her. Parents are Thunderstar and Squirrelfur, Littermate to Tallpaw and Weaselfire. Mate to Flashpelt. (She-Cat)
Sootleopard: Light gray she-cat. Perhaps her best redeeming quality is, although she's not the easiest cat to get along with, her heart is ThunderClan's alone - and she's a regular StarClan zealot. Any cat who doesn't believe in the starry ancestors of her clan don't deserve to be called a true cat, in her opinion, and even the other clans are of lesser standing than her birth clan. For all her big talk and her hot-headedness, she would eagerly lay her life down in the name of her clan. Parents are Ragingwind and Olivestem, Littermate to Talonfreckle and Crowcreek. (She-Cat)
Talonfreckle: Silver tabby she-cat. Talonfreckle tends to be a silent watcher. She can take in a surprising amount of information, and she doesn't easily forget. She isn't that eager to find a true mate, though she's had some flirting trips with loners. Parents are Ragingwind and Olivestem, Littermate to Sootleopard and Crowcreek. (She-Cat)
Crowcreek: Dark smoky gray tom. He is a very social cat who loves to talk to everyone in the clan. Sometimes, cats can get annoyed with him talking too much. Crowcreek is also very hard working, and will hunt or train even if he's exhausted. He has a fear of birds and will become nervous if he sees one. Crowcreek loves to play in the snow with the other cats. Parents are Ragingwind and Olivestem, Littermate to Sootleopard and Talonfreckle. (Tom)
Stonedodge: Dark gray she-cat. Stonedodge is an "Aquarius" cat. Her personality is different depending on the situation. Stonedodge is mainly a confused cat who tends to be the goofy clumsy one who always messes up. Parents are Silverfur and Meadowflower. (She-Cat)
Duskonion: Brown tabby tom.  I'm lazy, taking any excuse to sleep in and avoid my duties, but I have a way of being two steps ahead of most other cats. Parents are Barkpelt and Airpelt, Littermate to Podfur, Wolfcreek, and Mountainsnow. (Tom)
Podfur: Scrawny brown tom. I panic at the littlest thing and flip out, but you will never find a more loyal friend than me. Parents are Barkpelt and Airpelt, Littermate to Duskonion, Wolfcreek, and Mountainsnow. (Tom)
Wolfcreek: Gray tabby tom. Caring, but within evil strives to take him over. Parents are Barkpelt and Airpelt, Littermate to Duskonion, Podfur, and Mountainsnow. (Tom)
Mountainsnow: Gray and black tabby tom. I am very shy, but no matter what, my heart is in the right place. Parents are Barkpelt and Airpelt, Littermate to Duskonion, Podfur, and Wolfcreek. (Tom)
Falconleaf: Cream tabby tom. Falconleaf hates fighting. He hates seeing all cats fighting over something silly. Parents are Loststar and Willowtail, Littermate to Wheatkit, Tuftkit, and Midnightonion. (Tom)
Midnightonion: Brown tabby tom. Midnightonion was nicknamed "Wild Child" for his wild attitude when he was a kit. Parents are Loststar and Willowtail, Littermate to Wheatkit, Falconleaf, and Tuftkit. (Tom)
Shellsong: Dappled gray she-cat. Shellsong is quite the cruel cat but she is also a sweetheart. Parents are Hawkcloud and Petalthorn, Littermate to Voleplum, Smallflight, and Poolpelt. (She-Cat)
Voleplum: Pale gray she-cat. Voleplum is a fairly caring feline, she wouldn't hurt anyone (physically, that is), without a given reason. Parents are Hawkcloud and Petalthorn, Littermate to  Shellsong, Smallflight, and Poolpelt. (She-Cat)
Smallflight: Gray tom. Generally, Smallflight can be described as friendly. Parents are Hawkcloud and Petalthorn, Littermate to Shellsong, Voleplum, and Poolpelt. (Tom)
Poolpelt: Gray and white she-cat. Beneath that calm, patient exterior is one that is almost constantly in a bad mood. She isn't angry at anyone, anyone besides herself, that is. She believes herself to be a failure, stupid and a hypocrite. Poolpelt insults herself at times, thinking that these thoughts will do nothing but strengthen herself. Parents are Hawkcloud and Petalthorn, Littermate to Shellsong, Voleplum, and Smallflight. (She-Cat)
Dewclaw: Dark chocolate tom. Dewclaw is an anxious, skittish, soft-spoken and submissive cat, who can be easily overcome by his fears. But he loves to make others happy and constantly seeks their approval, always making sure to follow instructions with caution and never acting impulsively or recklessly. Sometimes he doesn't realize his faults because it's not usually what he is doing that's the problem: it's what he's not doing. A lack of bravery, ambition and moral strength holds him back when it comes to protecting the Clan against enemies, and taking action when needed. Parents are Stalkingtail and Crouchingfox, Littermate to Tigerpaw, Glowpaw, Desertpaw, and Maplepaw. (Tom)
Lightrain: Black she-cat. Lightrain is gentle, sweet and full of love and understanding; she is almost always sure of herself, and is a great friend. She can be a little stubborn at times, and she likes to be treated a certain way by toms, she has priorities. Parents are Lightningstar and Honeystorm, Littermate to Stonekit, Flashpelt, Smallberry, and Almondtail. Mate to Zebrafire. (She-Cat)
Strawmouse: Calico she-cat. Strawmouse is a spazzy, forgetful, and fun loving she-cat. She can be serious when the time comes, and can be very violent. She loves to bite others, but also loves to care for others. Parents are Fernstorm and Maplestorm, Littermate to Zebrafire, Speckledcloud, Orangeowl, and Dustybird. Mate to Troutegg. (She-Cat)
Speckledcloud: Torbie she-cat. Very protective of her clan and will never back down from a fight. She would protect her clan with her life if needed. She is very loyal, but has a bad temper. Parents are Fernstorm and Maplestorm, Littermate to Strawmouse, Zebrafire, Orangeowl, and Dustybird. Mate to Brokenclaw. (She-Cat)
Tigerpatch: Golden tom. He prefers to follow instructions rather than set them himself, and would much rather never be noticed- as opposed to standing out in a crowd. He will always do what he's told (he's a strict follower of the Warrior Code!), but he can get very confused and upset if he's forced to act on impulse, make split-second decisions, or simply have other cats rely on him to choose what's best. In some situations, cats may even have to bend the rules to do what's best- but Tigerpatch would never be able to go through with such a task. He would never deliberately defy anything or anyone, out of fear and low confidence in himself. Parents are Stalkingtail and Crouchingfox, Littermate to Dewclaw, Glowsong, Desertpelt, and Maplestripe. (Tom)
Glowsong: Cream tabby she-cat. Glowsong is a soft and caring cat to those she loves, but finds it hard to start relationships because she's not very assertive. She can be fairly generous at times and takes pleasure in making cats happy. Parents are Stalkingtail and Crouchingfox, Littermate to Dewclaw, Tigerpatch, Desertpelt, and Maplestripe. (She-Cat)
Desertpelt: Orange she-cat. Desertpelt isn't always your every day warrior. Most days, she is sweet and caring and loving, and some days, but it may be rare, she is mean and grumpy and hurtful. Parents are Stalkingtail and Crouchingfox, Littermate to Dewclaw, Tigerpatch, Glowsong, and Maplestripe. (She-Cat)
Maplestripe: Cream tabby tom. Maplestripe is an incredibly intelligent young tom. He doesn't speak much, but he is not shy. Maplestripe is simply a thinker, and prefers to listen much more than he likes to speak. He is silently prideful, but doesn't brag aloud. He is open to the opinions of others, despite the fact of whether or not he agrees with them. Parents are Stalkingtail and Crouchingfox, Littermate to Dewclaw, Tigerpatch, Glowsong, and Desertpelt. (Tom)
Mistynose: Dark gray she-cat. Mistynose is very blunt. She tells it like it is. If she likes you, she'll be nice. If she doesn't like you, you'll know it. She is extremely loyal towards ThunderClan, and dislikes almost all cats from other clans.  She has always wanted to be the best of all warriors. She loves to fight, not argue, but actually fight. She has strong opinions, and tends to butt heads with other cats often, even her friends. Mistynose cares strongly about the cats that she trusts, but she is very cautious about which cats she trusts. She is very persuasive; she can get cats to believe almost anything, and can get them to do what she wants easily. She's also very cunning. She believes strongly in StarClan. Parents are Icestar and Lightningfoot, Littermate to Swiftlily, Patchflower, and Tallfang. Mate to Lilytail. (She-Cat)
Dapplefeather: Mottled gray tom. To describe Dapplefeather in a nutshell, he is oblivious. That is his main personality, he will do anything to get what he wants, and that's what makes him oblivious. Parents are Rainflower and Weaselfire, Littermate to Pepperclaw. (Tom)
Pepperclaw: Red and white tabby she-cat. A quiet, observant intellectual, Pepperclaw likes to look before she leaps. Parents are Rainflower and Weaselfire, Littermate to Dapplefeather. (She-Cat)
Wildneedle: White she-cat. She is a constant cat. She’s not on on-and-off cat, but she’s more of a let’s-just-stay-this-way-because-it’s-who-I-am-and-nothing-can-change-that kind of cat. She’s a real optimist and likes to find the best in others whether they’re a strict leader, bossy deputy, kind medicine cat, loyal warrior, troublesome apprentice, sweet queen, or a grumpy elder. She’s the kind of cat who sees the glass half-full and will always keep a straight and a positive mind. This she-cat is really calm, kind, caring, and gentle. She’s a slow-paced or a fast-paced cat, however you want her; she’ll be that for you. Parents are Flashpelt and Littlefang, Littermate to Dreambranch, Swiftnose, Jaypelt, Pumpkinwing, and Ryefang. (She-Cat)
Dreambranch: Black tabby she-cat. Dreambranch is a quiet and secretive cat, always keeping to herself, and staying well away from any cat. Parents are Flashpelt and Littlefang, Littermate to Wildneedle, Swiftnose, Jaypelt, Pumpkinwing, and Ryefang. (She-Cat)
Swiftnose: Sand-colored tom. He's fun and playful but has a daredevil side as well. He is kind but can be VERY fierce. He is a great hunter and keeps his clan well fed. He can be stubborn at times but at others is very open to ideas. As well as a playful side, he also has a very serious side. Parents are Flashpelt and Littlefang, Littermate to Wildneedle, Dreambranch, Jaypelt, Pumpkinwing, and Ryefang. (Tom)
Jaypelt: Black tom. Although Jaypelt may look innocent and harmless, he can be quite the opposite. He is naturally suspicious, and tends to be untrusting as well. Being clever and sly, Jaypelt knows what he wants, and how to get it. He is determined, and often hard headed mixed in with a dash of stubbornness. This can make him hard to work with at times, however, he tries not to be difficult, and likes to keep his opinions to himself, making him seem soft and easily persuaded. While at times he can seem to be the tough fighter cat, Jaypaw doesn't like to get his paws dirty, and would much rather have peace then battle. He is mostly shy, but he does like to meet new cats, and he enjoys conversation. Jaypelt has a quite mellow temper, and it takes a lot to make him angry. Along with this, he is forgiving, and kind. Parents are Flashpelt and Littlefang, Littermate to Wildneedle, Dreambranch, Swiftnose, Pumpkinwing, and Ryefang. (Tom)
Pumpkinwing: Red tabby tom. Pumpkinwing likes many things, though some may seem a bit odd. Anyway, he is fond of clouds, and he can often be seen perched on a tree branch, watching them float by, he prefers the flavor of vole over anything else, he loves to wander and explore the territory, trickery, and most of all, he loves to think or wonder about the past and future.. Parents are Flashpelt and Littlefang, Littermate to Wildneedle, Dreambranch, Swiftnose, Jaypelt, and Ryefang. (Tom)
Ryefang: Cream tabby she-cat. Ryefang dislikes few notable things, mostly only things such as being tricked. She can't stand war, and would much rather have peace and quiet. She despises having to follow a set path or trail, and would prefer to make her own trails to walk on, and, as most normal cats do, she hates twolegs, however simple that may seem, she does have a reason. Another thing Ryefang dislikes, oddly enough, is maggots. They disturb her greatly. Parents are Flashpelt and Littlefang, Littermate to Wildneedle, Dreambranch, Swiftnose, Jaypelt, and Pumpkinwing. (She-Cat)
Buckdawn: Brown tabby tom. Buckdawn, as of today, is a rough, tough, mean, get over over, cold-hearted tom that would seem to never have any feeling of affection to anyone in the clan, the forest, or even the world. Buckdawn couldn't care less about safety or ' feelings ' or rules, he just does what he wants and expects no-body to say anything in return. Parents are Zebrafire and Lightrain, Littermate to Flameberry, Lavenderpelt, Reedfrog, and Dawnear. (Tom)
Flameberry: Ginger and white tabby tom. Flameberry is rather bubbly, indeed he is. He's outgoing and outspoken; that kind of attitude that gets you friends with just a greeting. Well, unless they're anti-social, of course. but he's also the kind who gets intimidated, annoyed, and provoked quite easily. Parents are Zebrafire and Lightrain, Littermate to Buckdawn, Lavenderpelt, Reedfrog, and Dawnear. (Tom)
Lavenderpelt: Long-haired brown, cream, and white tabby she-cat. Lavenderpelt is a joking, humorous cat that loves to see the positives in all the situation, and in this way is a good charmer with the toms. She is a very likable she-cat that can be wise at times, but at others can just be plain silly and stupid to the point that is rather annoying. Lavenderpelt, behind her clown-ish personality, can be one of a fighter and can be the provoker of one at times, and often is. She is always ready to creep in somewhere and have a good fight before coming out with another scar to remember her days of fighting and long arguments. Parents are Zebrafire and Lightrain, Littermate to Buckdawn, Flameberry, Reedfrog, and Dawnear. (She-Cat)
Reedfrog: Brown and white tabby tom. Reedfrog is a softie, he is almost a true pushover. He is willing to be with anyone and do anything with anyone. He is easily pressured by others to do bad things, but he doesn't have a true bad bone in his body. He is very close with others and friendly. He enjoys being with others, it helps him feel safe from the cats who make him do bad things. He is very funny and likes to cheer up sad cats. Parents are Zebrafire and Lightrain, Littermate to Buckdawn, Flameberry, Lavenderpelt, and Dawnear. (Tom)
Dawnear: Orange and white tabby she-cat. Dawnear has a very bad temper, and it is very easy to make her mad. Most of the time her clanmates will try to be very nice to her even though they don't want to, but she still has little respect for them. Even though she has a bad attitude, Dawnear is an excellent hunter and a great fighter, but can be a little too proud of herself sometimes and tries to be the best warrior in her clan. Parents are Zebrafire and Lightrain, Littermate to Buckdawn, Flameberry, Lavenderpelt, and Reedfrog. (She-Cat)
Icebramble: Light yellow she-cat. Unlike some of her clanmates, the she-cat isn't clever or malicious, however she is classified as annoying to some. Icebramble is quite intelligent and is very eager to share knowledge-- perhaps too eager. Parents are Troutegg and Strawmouse, Littermate to Blackpelt. (She-Cat)
Blackpelt: Blue smoke she-cat. Blackpelt is a stubborn she-cat with a mind of her own. She likes to do things her way but respects those above her and their orders. She gets angry easily and sometimes can be hard to calm down. She can be a pain in the tail when she gets irritated or wants to change the way something happens. She is definitely not the kind to back down from a challenge either. Parents are Troutegg and Strawmouse, Littermate to Icebramble. (She-Cat)
Shatteredwhisker: Gray and white tom. Shatteredwhisker is not what one could call a nice cat. (Tom)
Sorrelshrew: Creamy-white tabby tom. Sorrelshrew has always been a shy and timid cat that rarely talked. Sorrelshrew found it more comfortable to be alone and rarely had friends. Though many cats found him very hard to approach, just because he is regularly caught up in his own thoughts and too quiet. Parents are Brokenclaw and Speckledcloud. (Tom)
Pricklebracken: Silver tabby tom. Pricklebracken is a shy tom on the outside. He's kind and sheepish, and he isn't the most outgoing, but he can be affirmative when he needs to be. When you get to know him, Pricklebracken is loving and witty. He can be brazen at times, but only with those that he's close to. Parents are Lilytail and Mistynose, Littermate to Frostflower, Frozenfur, and Rowanspider. (Tom)
Frostflower: Gray tom. Frostflower is a loving, yet quiet tom to most. He appears socially awkward, yet smart. But, once you get to know him, he's funny and loving. He's very sarcastic and likes to joke around, which often gets him into trouble. He's not full on rebellious, but will stand up for himself and others if his has to. Though most know him to be annoyed with others most of the time, he can be sincere to those he's close to. Frostflower is also pretty shy, and doesn't like to do things independently, but will if he has to. He likes to hang around his friends, and participate in activities, even if he sucks at it. Parents are Lilytail and Mistynose, Littermate to Pricklebracken, Frozenfur, and Rowanspider. (Tom)
Frozenfur: White she-cat. In general, Frozenfur is seen as a laid back and witty she-cat. She doesn't like to cause a lot of drama, but can start arguments if provoked. Frozenfur isn't anti-social, and likes to make relationships, but won't exactly run up to you and start chatting away. Parents are Lilytail and Mistynose, Littermate to Pricklebracken, Frostflower, and Rowanspider. (She-Cat)
Dustwing: Dark brown tabby tom. Fairly easy to get along with; you either love him or hate him. (Tom)
Sandtail: Pale ginger she-cat. Is afraid of conflict. (She-Cat)
Mouseshine: Small dusky brown she-cat. Mouseshine is quite the vivacious little cat, but in battle she often doubts herself. Parents are Lightningleaf and Littlefur. (She-Cat)
Flickerstorm: Dusky brown she-cat. Flickerstorm has an impeccable focus ability.  No one can divert her attention when she sets her mind on it, though when she doesn't she can be easily distracted and tune everything out -- but that's by choice. Parents are Russetstar and Mouseshine, Littermate to Cometfang, Raptorpaw, Softpaw, Linseedpaw, and Skypaw. (She-Cat)
Cometfang: Gray tabby she-cat. Cometfang truly does not have a care in the world.  She has cats she cares about, but stress is not really an issue for her since it does not exist. Parents are Russetstar and Mouseshine, Littermate to Flickerstorm, Raptorpaw, Softpaw, Linseedpaw, and Skypaw. (She-Cat)
Lizardheart: Thick-pelted ginger and white she-cat. Lizardheart is the antithesis of boring. She isn't normal by any definition of the word. She tends to think outside the box and doesn't listen to higher authority unless she feels them to be right. Parents are Lilytail and Mistynose, Littermate to Troutegg, Brokenclaw, Meadowpaw, and Sealpaw. Mate to Bounceheart. (She-Cat)
Blackfeather: Large white she-cat with black paws. Let me tell you this straight off. Blackfeather is a total beauty queen, as you can probably tell. And a fiery one, too.  She is always, I repeat, always, grooming herself whenever she can. She absolutely loves to! And, pretty much nothing in the world can stop her without a good scar to remember her by. Parents are Milkstar and Reedcloud, Littermate to Toadflower, Oceanpaw, Rabbitpaw, Bristlepaw, and Dapplepaw. (She-Cat)

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