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Apprentices of SnookPack

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Apprentices of SnookPack Empty Apprentices of SnookPack

Post  Snookstar on 5/21/2017, 7:56 pm

Apprentices of SnookPack QF23hFh

Nettlepaw: White and tan pit bull dog. Always is willing to learn. Parent is Fogfall, Littermate to Windpaw and Alderpaw. Mentor is Sootfur. (Dog)
Windpaw: Gray and white pit bull dog. Loves the water. Parent is Fogfall, Littermate to Nettlepaw and Alderpaw. Mentor is Smalltail. (Dog)
Alderpaw: Albino pit bull dog. Kind, sociable, extroverted, intelligent, honest, bit of a risk-taker, creative. Parent is Fogfall, Littermate to Nettlepaw and Windpaw. Mentor is Weaselfur. (Dog)

Apprentices of SnookPack Pbucket
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