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Former HurricanePride Ocelots

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Former HurricanePride Ocelots Empty Former HurricanePride Ocelots

Post  Briarkit-SoulClan on 5/4/2017, 9:49 pm

Former HurricanePride Ocelots VyDtmOL

Yellowclaw: Golden male ocelot. Yellowclaw is a stubborn ocelot who can be somewhat helpful. He believes that ocelots should do whatever they think is right but be prepared that others will disagree with them. Most of the time he won't talk about himself and come off as boring, Yellowclaw would rather listen to others and their problems. (Male)
Hurricanestar: Golden female ocelot. The female possesses all the force of the ocean with all the whimsy of the wind. She is made of softer things, preferring conversation to conflict. There is not a bone in her body that would willingly fight without monumental purpose. Deputy: Bloomstripe (Bloomstar) (Female)
Fallear: Golden male ocelot. Fallear is an adorkably inquisitive ocelot who is always sticking his nose in things it sometimes would be better not to. Other ocelots feelings, for one. Subtly prying ocelots open to see what’s wrong, what they need help with is one of his lesser strengths, one that is less-acknowledged. (Male)

Former HurricanePride Ocelots Pbucket
StarClan: Hurricaneface
StarPride: Hurricanestar
SoulClan: Briarkit


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