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Former ToothPack Dogs Empty Former ToothPack Dogs

Post  Toothstar on 5/3/2017, 11:56 am

Former ToothPack Dogs 1yWH6Fo

Lavenderheart: Black and tan chihuahua dog. When it comes to socializing, Lavenderheart has never been the sort of dog that others refer to as extroverted or chatty. Instead he's always been known to be quite the opposite. Lavenderheart is what many would refer to as being somewhat, or completely, introverted. He's a quiet dog who tends to stick to himself for the most part. In social situations he's one of those dogs who hang around the outskirts, content to sit and watch others enjoy being the center of attention. (Dog)
Ivorypelt: White and tan rat terrier dog. Caring, Curious, Faithful, Fun-loving, Good-natured. Mate to Sablewing. (Dog)


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