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Former LeopardPack Dogs

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Former LeopardPack Dogs Empty Former LeopardPack Dogs

Post  Smallpup on 5/2/2017, 5:24 pm

Former LeopardPack Dogs 9tXSYJJ

Violetclaw: Black labrador dog. Is really laid back, really chill. (Dog)
Daisystorm: Black and white border collie dog. Honestly so sweet to his friends. (Dog)
Foxstripe: Cream terrier dog. He's awkward and he doesn't know how cute he is. (Dog)
Leopardstar: Black and white border collie dog. Is incredibly smart. Seriously, he is a genius like, it is honestly ridiculous how smart and witty he is and he will use it to his advantage in fights because he hates getting physical. Mate to Applepelt. Deputy: Thorntail (Thornstar) (Dog)


StarClan: Leopardfrost
StarPack: Leopardstar
BirchPack: Smallpup
Former LeopardPack Dogs MTETaib

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