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Elders of DawnClan

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Elders of DawnClan Empty Elders of DawnClan

Post  Lilystar on 4/23/2017, 12:24 pm

Elders of DawnClan VuCtx5a

Hawkheart: Dark gray tom. Known as a notorious loud-mouth, Hawkheart strikes many as almost obnoxious. He has a sharp sense of sarcasm and his words—at times—seem to ooze arrogance. He can be cocky, proud, and self-centered to those who don’t know him personally. Despite the boldness of his attitude, he has a fierce, unbending sense of loyalty to his Clan. He is honest almost to a fault. His smart-alec personality has a tendency to come off as rude and disrespectful, but Hawkheart’s infallible sense of loyalty does allow him to see who is in power. He is hot-headed, easy to snap, but also one of the kindest in his tender moments. His arsenal of humorous comments does also allow him to be sociable when he wants to be. (Tom)
Wolfpoppy: Long-legged light brown tabby she-cat. At first glance, you might see this petite, innocent-looking cat and think, “I bet she couldn't hurt a fly, even if she tried.” If you were thinking that… well, you’re wrong. (She-Cat)
Pebbletail Dark brown tabby tom. At first glance it is quite easy for others to assume that he is very energetic. He is then assumed to have a "bubbly" personality, but that is not the case. Pebbletail is very impatient and is known to always be in a rush, but he is actually not that friendly. It can take other cats quite a while to slip past his bossy attitude. He is known to scoff at those he deems "weaker" than him and can actually become quite nasty when someone stands in his way. (Tom)
Skywater: White she-cat. Skywater is arrogant, naive, selfish, and immensely vain and comes across as a handful towards her fellow clanmates. (She-Cat)
Sharpfur: Small brown tom. Its honestly impossible to love this little cat. He's very trusting and innocent, trusting pretty much everyone he meets. He really doesn't understand too much of the world. He loves attention and pranking his clanmates. (Tom)
Lynxcloud: Small dusty brown tabby tom. Lynxcloud is kind to his clanmates and protective of DawnClan in all. He's a great hunter as well, being able to catch the swiftest rabbit or the most cunning mouse. (Tom)

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