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Former DawnClan Cats

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Former DawnClan Cats Empty Former DawnClan Cats

Post  Whitepaw on 3/29/2017, 10:28 pm

Former DawnClan Cats VuCtx5a

Dawnstar: White she-cat with gray-tipped face and paws. Dawnstar is a cat that enjoys attention, and especially loves to be praised. Deputy: Lilyclaw (Lilystar) (She-Cat)
Wingpaw: Black and white tom. Wingpaw's sadness is something that shouldn't be talked about much. When Wingpaw gets sad, he gets sad. Parents are Tigerfrost and Jaynose, Littermate to Rowanpaw, Rubypaw, Dreampaw, Coldpaw, and Sunpaw. Mentor is Aquapelt. (Tom)
Lionwing: Yellow tabby she-cat. Lionwing is a very confident and I mean very confident. She takes the saying "Confidence is key" to a point where you have to say yes. She gives off an aura that is almost impossible for anybody to say 'no' to her. Parent is Cleartail, Littermate to Mudstorm, Shadesmoke, and Lilacleg. (She-Cat)
Shadesmoke: Black she-cat. Shadesmoke is loyal and faithful to any of her relationships and I mean she's committed, she values life long commitment with her partners. Commitment is a very important in a relationship as well as trust. A relationship has to be built on trust that's the foundation of every relationship with her. Even if you did something as like cheat on her she would be deeply hurt and really upset she would talk it out with you to understand why. Parent is Cleartail, Littermate to Lionwing, Mudstorm, and Lilacleg. (She-Cat)


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