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Leaders of WillowPack

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Leaders of WillowPack Empty Leaders of WillowPack

Post  Willowstar on 3/23/2017, 6:18 pm

Leaders of WillowPack YPhxYqV

Willowstar: Brown labrador she-dog. Willowstar is very hard to make angry or upset. Lives Left: 6. (She-Dog)

Honeywhisker: Tan and white pit bull dog. Honeywhisker was initially a non-sociable dog with a very quiet and solitary personality, not wanting to be around the other packmates and telling some to stay away from him, but as time goes on, he becomes accustomed to their presence and doesn't seem to mind having them around, and soon befriends packmates. (Dog)

Medicine Dog(s):
Cypressfang: Black and white pit bull she-dog. Hotheaded, rude, arrogant, sweet n' salty, sarcastic, hardshelled, brushes things off, holds grudges, lacks empathy, bold, blunt, elegant, graceful, flirtatious, gentle at times, calculating, cunning, harsh, frigid, manipulative, seductive, proud, and outgoing. (She-Dog)
Cougarpelt: Tan and black pit bull she-dog. Kind, courageous, intelligent, graceful, careful. Mentor is Cypressfang. (She-Dog)

Leaders of WillowPack JJhSWvt
StarClan: Willowfire
WillowPack: Willowstar


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