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Former BramblePride Bobcats

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Former BramblePride Bobcats Empty Former BramblePride Bobcats

Post  Luckyfur on 1/28/2017, 6:49 pm

Former BramblePride Bobcats 0CaKboc

Pansypelt: Spotted brown male bobcat. I lose my temper very easily, but I would never intentionally hurt another. (Male)
Whirlclaw: Spotted brown male bobcat. Smart, Clever, Persuasive. (Male)
Littlestep: Brown spotted female bobcat. Intelligent, quick-learner, level-headed/calm, rational, logical, relaxed, observant. (Female)
Nightstorm: Spotted brown female bobcat. Nightstorm is a risk-taking, nurturing, loyal bobcat who can be affectionate and romantic at times, depending on who it is. At times she might do something that could risk either her own life or someone else's, but she only does this if it is absolutely necessary. She is more likely to risk her own life and/or health before she does anyone else's. She loves her pride and would do anything to protect them and would only risk them if she had no other options. (Female)
Maplefur: Spotted brown male bobcat. He loves water. Yea, crazy right? But he enjoys a nice bath once in a while, though the way his fur soaks up the water is an annoyance. (Male)
Bramblestar: Spotted brown female bobcat. Kind, stubborn, takes very long time in trusting strangers. Deputy: Lilacstripe (Lilacstar) (Female)
Chivetail: Spotted brown male bobcat. He's a brave and stubborn bobcat, though sometimes he can be shy. (Male)

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StarClan: Bramblestorm
StarPride: Bramblestar
CliffPack: Luckyfur


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