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Leaders of DarkClan

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Leaders of DarkClan Empty Leaders of DarkClan

Post  Deadstar on 11/29/2016, 6:37 pm

Leaders of DarkClan BBYSg5T

Deadstar: Black tom. Deadstar's appearance may be small, but what makes up for that is his large temper. It doesn't take much to get this cat angry. Aside from his anger, he is also very enthusiastic. He is always ready to fight, no matter the size of the opponent. Parents are Darkstar and Rippedcloud, Littermate to Webtail and Heavyfoot. Mate to Squirrelflower. Lives Left: 6. (Tom)

Peachflight: Black she-cat. Peachflight is pretty authorative, and a natural leader. Parents are Darkstar and Squirrelflower, Littermate to Ravencloud, Swanclaw, Wolfbreeze, Bravepaw, and Sparrowkit. Mate to Fernfur. (She-Cat)

Medicine Cats:
Pumpkinsquirrel: Orange tabby she-cat. Pumpkinsquirrel is optimistic and loves to challenge herself. She is not the best at making friends though, she can be shy and quick-tempered at times as well. Pumpkinsquirrel loves being active, she dreads the days when she is stuck in the camp carrying out chores for the elders and queens. Pumpkinsquirrel is loyal and courageous but she can doubt herself on occasion. Parents are Darkstar and Pinespider, Littermate to Redash, Dapplestorm, Eaglefoot, Icekit, and Eveningkit. (She-Cat)
Firestorm: White and black tom. When sufficiently motivated, Firestorm is focused, driven, even hardworking. However, he can (and will) push those who are in his path to his goal, as well as neglect to seek assistance when he needs any. He hates relying on others and scorn pity and sympathy, driving away even the closest friends to reach his target. Parents are Fernstar of FogClan and Graytail, Littermate to Silversage and Duckleap. Mentor is Pumpkinsquirrel. (Tom)

Leaders of DarkClan VISIEmk

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