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Elders of DarkClan

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Elders of DarkClan Empty Elders of DarkClan

Post  Deadstar on 11/29/2016, 6:33 pm

Elders of DarkClan BBYSg5T

Cottonfur: Thin gray tom. Cottonfur is a bit mean. He's not mean for any good reason other than liking to be in control. It doesn't drive him to a point of madness, he just likes things to go his way. He does, however, like being alone. He likes to be with his thoughts. He doesn't like to be helpless in any way. (Tom)
Grasstail: Brown tabby tom. He is soft and gentle, but there's something tough about him. He's strong and independent. He's not afraid to fight and stand up for himself. (Tom)
Webtail: Black tom. He has a huge heart and seems to know everything about someone just by looking at them. Like he understands what they think and everything they're going through. Parents are Darkstar and Rippedcloud, Littermate to Deadpelt and Heavyfoot. (Tom)
Thistlenose: Small ginger tabby she-cat. She is very confident. Thistlenose will always try to be confident at all times, even though on the inside, she might be nervous about whatever the situation is. (She-Cat)
Ravencloud: Sleek black tom. He is the most timid of his litter. He also is easily scared. He is most comfortable around his siblings. He enjoys company and wishes to overcome his fears. Parents are Darkstar and Squirrelflower, Littermate to Swanclaw, Wolfbreeze, Peachpaw, Bravepaw, and Sparrowkit. Mate to Dustfur. (Tom)
Applefire: Light brown tabby tom. Applefire has a soft spot for kits. He can be emotional at times, but in the end, you see him as a loving tom. He is shy at times, and will charm most. He loves new-leaf, where he sees blossoming flowers and hears singing birds. Mate to Hawkpoppy. (Tom)

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