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Leaders of PeacePack

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Leaders of PeacePack Empty Leaders of PeacePack

Post  Peacestar on 11/27/2016, 10:11 pm

Leaders of PeacePack E8OnmKi

Peacestar: Brown pit bull dog. Peacestar likes to branch off and not do things that everyone else is doing. He likes to be more unique. Lives Left: 8. Mate to Violetfeather. (Dog)

Littlecloud: Black hound dog. e-mbti / slytherin, ravenclaw secondary / chaotic neutral. (Dog)

Medicine Dogs(s):
Foxpool: Tan chihuahua she-dog. There's not a whole lot to say about Foxpool, she's kinda just really unproblematic when it comes to everything. (She-Dog)
Rainfeather: Tan boxer dog. Rainfeather loves loves loves the sound of rain. Which is hilarious and all, he gets it. But he loves it, it's such a peaceful sound. (Dog)

Leaders of PeacePack JCcIplO
StarClan: Peacetail
PeacePack: Peacestar


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