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Leaders of GladeClan

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Leaders of GladeClan Empty Leaders of GladeClan

Post  Dreamstar on 11/23/2016, 4:47 pm

Leaders of GladeClan KUs3T3i

Dreamstar: Long-haired white tom. There's always that little need for revenge that sits in the back of his mind, building up until someone throws him over the edge. Dreamstar passes himself off as someone who's very calm, cool, and collected, this little tom has a boiling temper that's sure to show if someone pisses him off enough. He usually chooses the physical violence route instead of using his words, seeing that he's not the most quick-witted feline in the forest. In fact, he always embarrasses himself when attempting to tell someone off. Mate to Jaystorm. Lives Left: 6. (Tom)

Paleleg: Black tom with brown underbelly. Paleleg is independent and loves knowing that he can take care of himself and those he cares about. Sometimes he distances himself from cats because he doesn't want to get hurt, but a few persistence cats have made their way through the wall around his heart and become cherished friends to him. Paleleg has a strong since of social justice and does not take things laying down. He will not tolerate anything he perceives as an injustice and isn't afraid to speak his mind. To unknowing cats he comes off as abrasive and maybe even a little snobbish, but get to know him and he is as gentle as a kitten. Many cats stay away from Paleleg and have a generally unpleasant opinion of him, or not one at all. Mate to Cloudwing. (Tom)

Medicine Cat(s):
Grassclaw: Brown tabby tom. Grassclaw is a gentle and kind soul at first glance. He's not one to speak much, often keeping his thoughts to himself. He lets cats push him around as they please, even doing things others force him to do. Grassclaw is a puppet to those who wish to make him theirs. That being said; he does have a breaking point. Parents are Gladestar and Twoflight, Littermate to Stormflower, Brightfall, and Elknose. (Tom)
Leafpaw: Light brown tabby tom with white chest and paws. Strong, determined, loyal, witty, cares deeply. Parents are Halfclaw and Smokeheart, Littermate to Bramblepaw and Squirrelpaw. Mentor is Grassclaw. (Tom)

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