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Warriors of GladeClan

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Warriors of GladeClan Empty Warriors of GladeClan

Post  Dreamstar on 11/23/2016, 4:46 pm

Warriors of GladeClan KUs3T3i

Senior Warriors:
Halfclaw: Golden brown tabby tom. He is a lonely and quiet she-cat. His temper isn't bad at all. When sad he tends to be even more lonely. Halfclaw's personality some times changes. Like when he is all sad, he may become all happy and excited all of a sudden. When angry he can become hostile towards others. Mate to Smokeheart. (Tom)
Firestripe: Long-haired gray tom. Firestripe has a well set persona that goes along with his rank. He is very kind to allies and clanmates but will not stand any trespassers on GladeClan's territory. He is very good at training younger cats to teach them the discipline they need to know to be one with their clan. Mate to Shatteredtail. (Tom)
Dawnwhisker: Gray and white tom. Dawnwhisker likes to stargaze. Mate to Moonheart. (Tom)
Sandfern: Light brown tabby she-cat. She is fun-loving and brave, she likes to play fight, and enjoys kits. (She-Cat)

Silverfrost: Tortoiseshell she-cat. There's a lot of corners to the many edged she-cat, most of which are sharp and will probably leave you wounded and confused. (She-Cat)
Leopardblaze: Golden tabby tom. Leopardblaze is kind-hearted, smart, wise, friendly and good-tempered. Sometimes, when cats get on his nerve, he will snap, but try and control his anger. He does the best to cheer someone up when they were sad, and he loves to make friends. He is also very flirty, and will try and comment on every she-cat he sees. Leopardblaze also loves kits, he'll play with them any day, and he also loves training apprentices, because it reminds him that he is training them to be the best warriors they can be. But he is very impatient, especially with young warriors, and he'll get angry if cats are wasting his time. (Tom)
Coppercloud: Pale gray she-cat with darker flecks. There's a lot of corners to the many edged she-cat, most of which are sharp and will probably leave you wounded and confused. (She-Cat)
Emberfrost: Tortoiseshell she-cat. She is a very elegant she-cat who is very kind. She is outgoing and bright. (She-Cat)
Lilyfang: Pale gray tom. Lilyfang is brooding and slightly cowardly, caring only for himself and his well-being. Given the chance, he could be a kind cat, but due to his shy nature, he never really got involved with anybody else. Parent is Coppercloud, Littermate to Splashshrew, Liontalon, Songclaw, Larkpaw, and Stripepaw. (Tom)
Splashshrew: Pale gray tom. Splashshrew has a small temper, and doesn’t take challenges lightly at all. When speaking with other cats, he’s a spit-fire little cat with no end to his sarcastic snips and smirking replies. Splashshrew has boundaries, however; quite the old-fashioned kind of tom, he refuses to lay a paw on any she-cat. Parent is Coppercloud, Littermate to Lilyfang, Liontalon, Songclaw, Larkflight, and Stripefur. (Tom)
Liontalon: Pale gray she-cat. Lionpaw can’t rely on her size to win her fights, so she generally uses her brain to get through sticky situations. Parent is Coppercloud, Littermate to Lilyfang, Splashshrew, Songclaw, Larkflight, and Stripefur. (She-Cat)
Songclaw: Pale gray tom. His is tongue is barbed; he will lash out when he loses his grip on his temper. Songclaw's known to have a dry sense of humor, and will make sarcastic comments on a situation. While that means he may get glared at, he'll give a glare straight back. Parent is Coppercloud, Littermate to Lilyfang, Splashshrew, Liontalon, Larkflight, and Stripefur. (Tom)
Larkflight: Pale gray she-cat. Larkflight is a little moody at times. The majority of her time is spent in a pleasant, playful mood. Parent is Coppercloud, Littermate to Lilyfang, Splashshrew, Liontalon, Songclaw, and Stripefur. (She-Cat)
Stripefur: Pale gray she-cat. This is one cocky she-cat. She's very bold and seems to not have any regards for limitations or sometimes even rules. While she has perfect control over her limbs and body, her tongue is another story. She will say the first thing that pops into her head and usually back it. She's quick to sarcasm and is very daring. She's social and friendly. Parent is Coppercloud, Littermate to Lilyfang, Splashshrew, Liontalon, Songclaw, and Larkflight. (She-Cat)
Aspenthorn: Gray and white she-cat. Aspenthorn is a slightly shy she-cat. She isn't the type to walk up to a group of cats and assert herself. She'll introduce herself, but she won't be so bold. She's a very caring she-cat and would do anything for any of her friends. If she doesn't get to see the cats she loves for an extended period of time, she falls into mild depression. Parent is Emberfrost, Littermate to Woollycreek and Hickoryear. (She-Cat)
Twoflight: Dark ginger she-cat. Twoflight is kind and kit-like. Her mischievous nature might get her into trouble, but she means no harm. Twoflight likes to run and play with kits. She knows that growing up is hard, so she pushed the concept of mental, spiritual growing up away, and focuses on being young and free. Mate to Gladestar. (She-Cat)
Woollycreek: Gray and white she-cat. She is strong, and noble, the perfect alpha female, but she tends to let everyday things worry her. Parent is Emberfrost, Littermate to Aspenthorn and Hickoryear. (She-Cat)
Hickoryear: Brown she-cat. She is sophisticated and manipulative. Hickoryear is like and anti-hero. She is terribly good at acting, and turning things on others. Her power is persuasion. Though, it's her actions that count. Not her words. She has a soft spot she rarely ever shows. Even her eyes can tell. Parent is Emberfrost, Littermate to Aspenthorn and Woollycreek. (She-Cat)
Stormflower: Gray and white tom. Intelligent, imaginative, friendly, moody, very low self-esteem, protective, feels guilty over the smallest things (even when he has nothing to be guilty about), soft-spoken, trust issues, adventurous, sensitive & emotional. Parents are Gladestar and Twoflight, Littermate to Grasspaw, Brightfall, and Elkpaw. (Tom)
Brightfall: White tom with ginger and black patches. Loyal, compassionate, curious. Parents are Gladestar and Twoflight, Littermate to Stormflower, Grasspaw, and Elkpaw. (Tom)
Elknose: Brown tabby tom. Emotional, fearful, headstrong, introverted. Parents are Gladestar and Twoflight, Littermate to Stormflower, Grasspaw, and Brightfall. (Tom)
Jaystorm: Pale ginger she-cat. Jaystorm suffers from deep misplaced guilt that makes her a bit self-absorbed at times. Mate to Dreamstar. (She-Cat)
Nighttail: Tortoiseshell and white she-cat. Nighttail doesn't like when her authority is questioned, she is keen to protect her own, but cannot stand when an outsider comes into their midst. Mate to Jumpfur. (She-Cat)
Wisteriawing: Pale ginger she-cat. Energetic and adventurous, Wisteriawing is reckless and naive. She is pretty oblivious to a lot of things and is, quite frankly, an annoying little furball. At the same time, though, she is lovable, able to appeal to you with her pure, raw energy, and even if she does stupid things, it's hard to stay mad at her. She is very loyal and hot-headed too, and she would do anything for her friends. She's a lot of things packed into one tiny body. Parents are Dreamstar and Jaystorm, Littermate to Dandelionkit, Shatteredrowan, and Rubyheart. (She-Cat)
Shatteredrowan: Long-haired white tom. Prone to panic and anxiety attacks. Parents are Dreamstar and Jaystorm, Littermate to Wisteriawing, Dandelionkit, and Rubyheart. (Tom)
Rubyheart: Long-haired white tom. He will not make eye contact and will avoid it as much as possible. He believes it is too intimate and will usually look just above or below the cat's eyes. Parents are Dreamstar and Jaystorm, Littermate to Wisteriawing, Dandelionkit, and Shatteredrowan. (Tom)
Mouseleaf: Dusky brown tom. SWEET | SHY | SOFT-SPOKEN | LOVER. Parents are Jumpfur and Nighttail. (Tom)
Smokeheart: White and ginger she-cat. When she is happy she is all crazy and hyper, as if she were a 3 moon old kit! Mate to Halfclaw. (She-Cat)
Rowanmint: Ginger tom. Very observant and clever in his ways. (Tom)
Cloudwing: White she-cat. For Cloudwing's sake, there is a good virtue for every bad virtue. She hates change. So maybe that counters that she's a graceful cat, in words and every movement and thought that she makes. Negative? Most of the time, but her intelligence is something many cats are possibly jealous of. Cloudwing is very snappy, but she's gentle in every pawstep, just gentle enough to make cats settle after she snaps at them. She's prideful, yes, and after what we have shared with you, Cloudwing is actually a very quiet she-cat. She does prefer to keep to herself mind you. She isn't very hopeful in anything, which is sort of like negativity. But she's very energetic, but don't forget graceful when she moves. Mate to Paleleg. (She-Cat)

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