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Leaders of HollowPack

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Leaders of HollowPack Empty Leaders of HollowPack

Post  Hollowstar on 10/29/2016, 2:26 pm

Leaders of HollowPack UwPn6fj

Hollowstar: Black and white border collie dog. Quick learner, quick thinker, trustworthy, unnecessarily formal. Mate to Luckypelt. Lives Left: 2. (Dog)

Rainwind: Red pit bull dog. Very adventurous and loves to have fun. Mate to Brambleclaw. (Dog)

Medicine Dog(s):
Rainfang: Black and tan shepherd she-dog. Very adventurous and loves to have fun. (She-Dog)
Cedarpaw: Tri-color border collie she-dog. Adaptive | Brave | Tactful. Parents are Hollowstar and Luckypelt, Littermate to Sandpaw, Boulderpaw, Tallpaw, and Stonepaw. Mentor is Rainfang. (She-Dog)

Leaders of HollowPack US38u5X
StarClan: Hollowonion
HollowPack: Hollowstar

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