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Post  Smallpup on 10/28/2016, 6:33 pm

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Chasetail: Black and white border collie dog. He has this monotone voice, a lot of the time, and it makes him seem really passive and, at times, apathetic. He can also be pretty blunt, and that added with his monotone voice makes him seem abrasive. (Dog)
Thrushear: Black and white pit bull dog. Seriously anxious. (Dog)
Rowanpelt: Brown pit bull dog. Quiet as heck. (Dog)
Lavaeye: Tan and white terrier she-dog. Optimistic, loyal, encouraging, caring, loving, confident, precise, stubborn, domineering, fussy, insensitive and interfering. (She-Dog)
Heathertail: Black and white terrier she-dog. Cunning, intelligent, confident. (She-Dog)


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