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Elders of ToothPack

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Elders of ToothPack Empty Elders of ToothPack

Post  Toothstar on 9/24/2016, 3:43 pm

Elders of ToothPack 1yWH6Fo

Batwhisker: Black labrador dog. Cunning, intelligent, confident. (Dog)
Lavenderfoot: Tan shar-pei dog. Cold, collected, and rather cunning, Lavenderfoot is not someone to be messed with. (Dog)
Wolfsong: Cream chihuahua she-dog. Highly intelligent, kind of a bitch. (She-Dog)
Fourtail: Fawn and black pit bull dog. Fourtail is a known creature of habit. He has a very specific routine, but is willing to change it for something he feels is important enough, such as work. If something in his morning doesn’t go the way he plans it, he feels sick for the rest of the day. (Dog)


StarClan: Toothfang
ToothPack: Toothstar


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