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Apprentices of EmberClan

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Apprentices of EmberClan Empty Apprentices of EmberClan

Post  Rosestar on 8/31/2016, 9:30 pm

Apprentices of EmberClan J2y2NCl

Firepaw: Ginger tom. Fatherly, efficient, flexible. Mentor is Redfall. (Tom)
Bramblepaw: Dark brown tabby tom. ENTJ " the commander " ; slytherin primary / gryffindor secondary ; true neutral. Parents are Redflight and Starclaw, Littermate to Jaypaw. Mentor is Lilactail. (Tom)
Jaypaw: Gray tabby she-cat. Charismatic , loyal , hark working. Parents are Redflight and Starclaw, Littermate to Bramblepaw. Mentor is Lilysand. (She-Cat)

Apprentices of EmberClan Sk2p0oM

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