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Elders of EmberClan

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Elders of EmberClan Empty Elders of EmberClan

Post  Rosestar on 8/31/2016, 9:28 pm

Elders of EmberClan J2y2NCl

Lionberry: Pure white tom. Lionberry is a brave and slightly thick-headed tom. (Tom)
Lilacpelt: Dark ginger tom. Depending on which Clan you come from, Lilacpelt is a deeply caring cat who wants those around him (in EmberClan) to be happy, healthy and fed. However, a seam of hate runs deep within him to the other Clans. He, although a sweet, slightly submissive cat to Clanmates, loathes the other five Clans and wishes nothing more than to see them grovel. (Tom)
Cinderwhisker: Light brown she-cat. Cinderwhisker is kind and is loving has a radience about her and she is calm in difficult situations but handles them well. (She-Cat)
Sootfoot: Black tom. There are many words that can be used to describe this particular tom. Some may say kind, gentle, warm, but he honestly considers himself to be a well-rounded cat. (Tom)
Roseclaw: Dark ginger tom. Roseclaw is very sweet, loving, and kind. Other than that, he's rude and sarcastic. He's got a very funny and unique personality. He only gets depressed after break ups, and terrible heart saddening events. Mate to Jasminestripe. (Tom)
Redflight: Light brown tom. He is very annoyed with young cats- such as kits and apprentices. Mate to Starclaw. (Tom)

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