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Leaders of BurningClan

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Leaders of BurningClan Empty Leaders of BurningClan

Post  Quietstar on 8/24/2016, 9:25 pm

Leaders of BurningClan IvOOA9V

Quietstar: Speckled gray tom. Formal, kind to loved ones, likes to be organized. Cares for his Clan. Hates to see others hurt. Follows the warrior code strictly. Parents are Ocelotfur and Mistytail, Littermate to Clearfeather, Shatteredbeetle, and Quickfang. Mate to Cindercloud. Lives Left: 5. (Tom)

Quickfang: Gray and white tom. He dislikes befriending cats of opposite Clans, dislikes when a clanmate injures themselves and he could have done something to prevent it, and he dislikes feeling helpless. Parents are Ocelotfur and Mistytail, Littermate to Quietstar, Clearfeather, and Shatteredbeetle. (Tom)

Medicine Cats:
Frostlion: Silver bangled tabby tom. Frostlion is a calm and relaxed cat. Parents are Burningstar and Birdtail, Littermate to Loudtooth and Bloodwing. (Tom)
Thornleaf: Golden brown tabby tom. Adaptable, agreeable, calm, compassionate, fair, forgiving. Parents are Redpelt and Bumblestrike. Mentor is Frostlion. (Tom)


Skies of No Stars: Dawnstar
StarPride: Jaystar
BurningClan: Quietstar
Leaders of BurningClan 776jiw9

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