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Former ShadowClan Cats

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Former ShadowClan Cats Empty Former ShadowClan Cats

Post  Birchpaw on 8/17/2016, 4:58 pm

Former ShadowClan Cats DyJqaY5

Mintfur: Gray speckled she-cat. Mintfur is a bit rough around the edges and is practical for the most part. Her temper can easily flare if she's in a mood, but usually she is calm and quiet, watching everything around her and seldom holding her tongue when she doesn't like what she sees. (She-Cat)
Shrewkit: Dark brown tom. Parents are Creekpool and Dreamswim, Littermate to Mousekit, Dustkit, Bramblekit, and Specklekit. (Tom)
Shadowstar: Brown tabby tom. Shadowstar's strengths are being wise about the solution to a problem and how it will affect others, his speed and agility, courage, and fierce loyalty to his Clan. Mate to Duskheron. Deputy: Copperdawn (Copperstar) (Tom)


StarClan: Cinderwing, Shadowcloud, Shadowstar
CloudClan: Birchpaw

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