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Leaders of ToothPack

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Leaders of ToothPack Empty Leaders of ToothPack

Post  Toothstar on 8/14/2016, 12:45 pm

Leaders of ToothPack 1yWH6Fo

Toothstar: Light brown pit bull she-dog. Cunning, intelligent, confident. Lives Left: 2. (She-Dog)

Mightyfang: Brown and white pit bull dog. Funny, kind, charismatic, sweet, sensitive, emotional, empathetic, ditzy, soft spoken, outgoing. Mate to Beetail. (Dog)

Medicine Dog(s):
Duskberry: Red and white pit bull she-dog. She's never really had a self esteem issue, since most of her life is focused on 'oh * how the hell do I get myself out of this mess' (She-Dog)
Shadepaw: Tan shar-pei dog. Shadepaw is generally a walking ray of sunshine; he's rarely seen without a smile plastered across his face, and when he isn't, there's always some playful twinkle in his eyes. He's often eager to help and communicate with his pack, although finds himself a butt of the joke for many of his packmates; he's naive and gullible, and it's hard to get him to notice fine details when he's more worrying over the obvious. Parent is Sharkheart, Littermate to Shrewpaw and Tallpaw. Mentor is Duskberry. (Dog)


StarClan: Toothfang
ToothPack: Toothstar


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