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Former FireClan Cats

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Former FireClan Cats Empty Former FireClan Cats

Post  Stormpup on 8/13/2016, 3:37 pm

Former FireClan Cats 11ZFgLK

Firestar: White tom with a black paw. He can be rather paranoid at times, and hesitates before going into dangerous situations such as battle and other things. Firestar is very careful around his clanmates and barely trusts a single one of them. Sometimes he is warm to certain cats, but only after he has known them for a while. He's quite bossy. Mate to Whisperfur. Deputy: Sweetclaw (Sweetstar) (Tom)
Jaggedclaw: Smoke tortoiseshell she-cat. Jaggedclaw is a nervous she-cat who seems to keep to herself, who also loves to keep her fur clean. She is not one for speaking in front of others, and she usually doesn't play with others, afraid of getting in the way of everyone else. Parents are Firestar and Whisperfur, Littermate to Swiftlight, Willoweye, Ravenberry, Nightnettle, and Hazelonion. (She-Cat)
Lavenderpaw: Lilac tabby tom. Lavenderpaw is a not shy, but does not like to be noticed by a lot of cats when he is trying to hide. He can be crafty with his words, if he has time to think about it. Lavenderpaw does not like to hold grudges, but he has high moral standards, so if someone breaks his moral code, they better not want to talk to Lavenderpaw. He always has a playful attitude, and will often jump out from shadows to scare other cats. Parents are Sweetstar and Sweetbird, Littermate to Cherrypaw, Maplepaw, and Flowerpaw. Mentor is Ocelotfrost. (Tom)
Whisperfoot: Black tom. Whisperfoot has a more serious, lazy, and intelligent personality. Mate to Briarpelt. (Tom)
Wrenfoot: Dark brown tom. Wrenfoot is kind tom with a funny personality, he loves telling stories and jokes. But when it comes time to be serious, he can be very assertive and, well... serious. When he is in a fight, its best to keep away from it. He doesn't care who it is, as long as they are in his way and he is furious, he'll attack... Mate to Scarnose. (Tom)

Former FireClan Cats Pbucket
StarClan: Firefeather, Firestar, Runningpaw
StarPride: Stonecub
BirchPack: Stormpup


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