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Former BirdClan Cats

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Former BirdClan Cats Empty Former BirdClan Cats

Post  Silverkit-StormClan on 6/14/2016, 8:38 pm

Former BirdClan Cats OI6jV7o

Spiritfeather: Large pale gray tom. Spiritfeather is feisty and has an attitude. He is convinced that he can live on his own, and any offered help to him is quickly turned down. (Tom)
Onetail: Dark golden tabby tom. There's always that little need for revenge that sits in the back of his mind, building up until someone throws him over the edge. Onetail passes himself off as someone who's very calm, cool, and collected, this little cat has a boiling temper that's sure to show if someone pisses him off enough. He usually chooses the physical violence route instead of using his words, seeing that he's not the most quick-witted feline in the forest. In fact, he always embarrasses himself when attempting to tell someone off. (Tom)
Ebonyfoot: Gray she-cat. Ebonyfoot is shy when she meets other cats for the first time. She is very talkative once she gets to know them. She prefers hunting over border patrol. She loves battles and training apprentices. (She-Cat)
Turtlefreckle: Tortoiseshell tom. Yes, this tom is indeed fearful. Parent is Pebblepelt, Littermate to Thunderfoot. Mate to Smokeberry. (Tom)
Runningpaw: Brown and white tabby tom. Always roots for the underdog. Parents are Jayspring and Dangertail, Littermate to Bluepaw, Tigerpaw, Yellowpaw, and Whitepaw. Mentor is Lynxtail. (Tom)
Emberlily: Gray tom with two dark paws. Funny, kind, awesome. He's a amazing friend. Any cat would be lucky to be his mate. He's super fun and sweet. He's a hunter and fighter. You wouldn't want to meet him in battle, unless you're really good. Parents are Copperfeather and Lynxtail, Littermate to Ivyegg. (Tom)
Birdstar: Brown tabby she-cat. Anger controls her life. Deputy: Thunderfoot (Thunderstar) (She-Cat)
Oakkit: Brown tom. Stoic; elegant; polite; determined; resilient; strong; clever; ambitious. Parents are Soulpelt and Dawnstrike, Littermate to Beekit and Thrushkit. (Tom)
Emberwhisker: Light brown tabby tom. He is a very elegant tom who is very kind. He is outgoing and bright. Mate to Sharpcloud. (Tom)
Nightfoot: Gray tom with two dark paws. Nightfoot doesn't like when his authority is questioned, he is keen to protect his own, but cannot stand when an outsider comes into their midst. Mate to Pebblepelt. (Tom)

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