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Queens and Cubs of StonePride

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Queens and Cubs of StonePride Empty Queens and Cubs of StonePride

Post  Silentstar on 5/24/2016, 10:14 pm

Queens and Cubs of StonePride It2bC2o

Twilightpool: Orange female tiger. Twilightpool is a tiger that likes to keep to herself. She doesn't show extreme feelings very often, like love or hate. She instead prefers to keep it hidden and safe inside her, and to think her thoughts instead of say them. On the whole, Twilightpool almost always follows directions to the letter, and will never show it if she would like to do otherwise. Thinking is her expertise; as is battle strategy. It may seem like she whole-heartedly agrees with your plan, but perhaps that is not the case . . . (Female)

Whitecub: Dark orange male tiger. Parents are Silentstar and Twilightpool. (Male)

Male Cat
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