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Elders of StonePride

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Elders of StonePride Empty Elders of StonePride

Post  Silentstar on 5/24/2016, 9:52 pm

Elders of StonePride It2bC2o

Swamptail: Orange male tiger. Generally, he isn't distant, but he isn't overly nosey, either. In ways, he is almost indifferent. (Male)
Larkfur: Orange female tiger. A soft-spoken and polite tiger, Larkfur is one of quiet musings and lofty dreams. She is an enigma, whispering to herself at night of higher expectations. (Female)
Midnightstripe: Orange male tiger. Midnightstripe isn't exactly one to be very social, but he does force himself to try. He can come off sometimes shy, but is often considered rude because he simply states the facts. He is incredibly smart and is able to figure out what's going on in front of him. In battle, he is incredibly fierce and will stop at nothing till he wins. Midnightstripe is often seen being calm and collected, not showing a ton of emotion. If you are considered his friend though, then that means you are friends for life. (Male)
Shimmerpelt: Orange male tiger.  Let's start things off with saying, Shimmerpelt isn't normal. He likes to keep to himself, not talking much, but when he gets betrayed things get scary. (Male)
Vixenfeather: Orange male tiger. Vixenfeather is inspirational. He has a gift for reminding others of the good in life, and of their abilities to be and do what they want. (Male)
Blackfur: Orange male tiger. Blackfur's personality around other tigers is a rough, aggressive, serious, active, and cold one. But when this tiger is alone, he can become a soft cub. His personality switches due to not wanting to seem weak in front of others. (Male)

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