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Elders of HawkPride

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Elders of HawkPride Empty Elders of HawkPride

Post  Ashstar on 5/14/2016, 5:53 pm

Elders of HawkPride XcCf1ym

Jasminetail: Orange male tiger. First and foremost, Jasminetail is a free spirit who doesn't like to be contained. If he is, he makes his unhappiness known by lashing out. Although a peaceful tiger at heart, he will use his claws if need be. (Male)
Swanpelt: Orange female tiger. Withdrawn from others and antisocial, Swanpelt has a hard time believing she is accepted anywhere. This leads to her often doubting and deluding herself. However, she can be a good friend to those who see through her dark exterior and get to know the innocent, sad soul that lies inside. (Female)
Owleye: Orange female tiger. Owleye is quite unpredictable. She is usually quite reserved when it comes to socializing but more recently, she's started to come out of her shell a bit. (Female)
Sharpfang: Pale female tiger. Sharpfang doesn't seem like the soft type but she is. Her heart is pure gold and loving. Sharpfang is a brave tiger. She is loyal and respected by many. She is trusted along the prides. She is respectful to all of the queens and elders. She is also quiet and soft spoken. (Female)
Wildstripe: Orange male tiger. Wildstripe is really quiet at first and hardly ever talks till you talk to him. After you get to know him, he will talk more and you'll get to know him. He does what he is told and hardly ever goes against it. The only time he doesn't listen is if he thinks it's wrong. (Male)

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