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Leaders of SpiderClan

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Leaders of SpiderClan Empty Leaders of SpiderClan

Post  Toadstar on 4/29/2016, 6:16 pm

Leaders of SpiderClan TuFmygU

Toadstar: Cream and gray tom. Not the sharpest thorn on the bush, Toadstar is your typical strong and silent warrior.  He relies more on brute strength than on carefully planned strategies.  He's one of the less popular cats in his clan, not possessing many qualities that endear him to his clanmates.  He is not especially friendly or charming, nor is particularly social or keen on forming and maintaining friendships. Mate to Darkpelt. Lives Left: 4. (Tom)

Fallingpelt: White tom with black paws. He enjoys fighting, and he is very good at it. Though he doesn't like to cause war, he does love to fight. Parents are Spiderstar and Whitefur, Littermate to Breezedawn, Mossyleg, Nightpetal, Streamflower, and Duskoak. (Tom)

Medicine Cat:
Lakenose: Long-haired gray and white she-cat. Lakenose lives life head first. Parent is Fallentail, Littermate to Tawnyfoot, Fallowstorm, Icejay, and Dreamdaisy. (She-Cat)

Leaders of SpiderClan TanrEdI

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