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Post  Blazestar on 4/27/2016, 8:51 pm

Elders of FrozenClan 55o6OMi

Cindernose: Mottled gray she-cat. Cindernose is as shy as an owl during the day, and very secretive. She very strong, and brave. Shes terrible with secrets, and stays in the shadows. Shes very quiet, and never says anything, not even at patrols or battles. Shes strong for her personality, but she never actually shows that.. side, of her. (She-Cat)
Coraltail: Ginger and white tom. Coraltail may not be the tallest tom but he can and will be scary when needed to be. He has an unusual way of dealing with things that is usually something to do with violence. Though the tom can be violent he has a sweet side and cares greatly about his clan and cats who are not a threat to the clan. He usually makes friends quite quickly and is known mostly for his social activity. Though he has his moments and arguments with his friends he always makes up with them. He helps out around camp when he can, he also loves to play with the kits around camp. (Tom)
Stormwing: Dappled golden she-cat. Stormwing has a scrappy attitude, with a hint of mischief. She can be kind, and gentle, with a particular fondness for kits. Though she goes about things in a... Different... way, her heart's always in the right place. (She-Cat)
Brokenmist: Pale gray tabby she-cat. Brokenmist is usually kind on her good side and won't let another down. She is also calm, generous and defensive on her good side. On her normal side she's boring and won't do anything but sit around and maybe hunt. On her bad side she can get nasty.  When on her bad side she's very short tempered and will snap a lot. (She-Cat)
Lilacfur: Light gray tabby tom. I am a very intelligent cat, that always uses my wits to seek out ways to escape an enemy clan attack. (Tom)

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