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Leaders of TigerClan

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Leaders of TigerClan Empty Leaders of TigerClan

Post  Featherstar on 4/26/2016, 9:37 pm

Leaders of TigerClan XCi5bP6

Featherstar: Dark silver tom. Some associate Featherstar with being fatherly. However, he is more like a big brother to the younger cats he is friends with. Always defending them and playing along whilst always trying to keep his maturity in tact, you will soon realize he's not even close to being fatherly. Like a typical elder brother, he also leads the nursery and guides them through everything without fail. He takes immense pride in this. Parents are Morningstar and Bronzestar, Littermate to Reedonion and Dreamfeather. Mate to Echopelt. Lives Left: 1. (Tom)

Fangsong: Black and white tom. This cat can only be described by having a...big personality. He is very loud and bossy, not to mention aggressive when the time calls for it. Parents are Owlear and Morningfoot, Littermate to Violetblaze, Ashwing, Coppernewt, and Emberclaw. Mate to Reedonion. (Tom)

Medicine Cats:
Swiftleaf: Black she-cat. Swiftleaf is a shy and quiet cat. She is distant from others, and doesn't seek others for their help. Parents are Featherstar and Echopelt, Littermate to Fishfoot. (She-Cat)
Poppywing: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Edgy she-cat who gets frustrated by their clan mates easily. Parents are Honeyclaw and Runningelk, Littermate to Dustpaw, Whitepaw, Berrypaw, and Hazelpaw. Mentor is Swiftleaf. (She-Cat)


StarClan: Blazekit
StarPride: Littlestar
TigerClan: Featherstar
Leaders of TigerClan LBuglue

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