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Elders of StormClan

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Elders of StormClan Empty Elders of StormClan

Post  Mottledstar on 4/26/2016, 5:02 pm

Elders of StormClan 1Mh6Q1c

Breezebelly: Dark brown tom. Breezebelly is a very tender hearted cat that is willing to give his life for his clan. (Tom)
Snowfur: Long-haired light brown tom. Snowfur is very reserved. The tom is not the one to talk back or fight over the little things. In fact, he is overall very silent. (Tom)
Oakclaw: Smoky black tom. Oakclaw is a fun-loving tom who is only serious when he needs to be.  He is soft and kind to his clan, while he will fight anyone else that dare threatens them. (Tom)
Emberwing: Golden tabby she-cat. Emberwing is a bit shy in the clan, she doesn't really fit in. She is quiet, and an overall peaceful cat. (She-Cat)
Wrenpelt: Cream tom. Determined is this cat, and he won't give up until something is done right. This also makes him appear stubborn and headstrong. Parent is Sunflower, Littermate to Whisperdaisy, Mottledtail, Biteheart, and Shiverblaze. (Tom)

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